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Top 14 DIY Flavor-Packed Fruit Infused Water Recipes

Sometimes, taking plain old H2O could use a little oomph, right?  I have no problem staying hydrated when water looks and tastes like a summertime treat. 

Fruit-flavoured water is a simple, colourful and cost-effective way to encourage yourself and the kids to stay hydrated. Here are amazing ways to achieve that flavourful taste in your water, naturally. 

 1. Lemon & Lime Infused Water

It doesn’t get much more classic (or refreshing) than the lemon and lime infused water combo. When you make this one with sparkling water, it tastes almost like that famous lemon-lime soda (without all the sugar or additives). Make this one just before you want to take it, as citrus fruit tend to turn water bitter if it rests for a long time. Add some mint for an extra punch of flavour. 


2. Watermelon Basil Infused Water

The unofficial go to fruits for warm weather, watermelon and basil pair beautifully. You can easily use them in salads, salsas and yes, even water. Cut the melon into wedges (including the rind) for a good pop of green and pink color, add some ice cubes and add the basil and some water.

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3. Kiwi & Cucumber Infused Water

Since Kiwi is a soft fruit, it is best to do this infusion in an infuser bottle. Remove the infuser rod and add some chunks of kiwi and cucumber. Put the rod back into the bottle, and add some water. Place the infuser bottle in a freezer for 30 minutes and enjoy this burst of flavours!


4. Citrus Mint Infused  Water 

This recipe features thick slices of oranges. Snack on the slices while you hydrate and you’ll get a dose of immunity-boosting lycopene. Orange rounds out the citrusy taste, while mint delivers a note of freshness.


5. Apple & Mint Infused Water 

A refreshing drink would not be complete without a little mint and apples. This is an excellent drink to gulp after a hard workout.


6. Strawberry Lemon & Basil Water

A classic combination of strawberries, and lemon with a flavour punch from the basil. Infuse this overnight for a great flavour next morning. Best served chilled. Once brewed, use our Fruity Mason Jars to serve.  

7. Orange & Blue Berry

What a beautiful fuse of colours and flavours. To fully get the flavours, combine the ingredients in a pitcher and let them sit for up to a day before drinking.


8. Mohito Water (Lemon & Lime)

During Happy Hour, skip the alcohol and try this mojito water instead. Mint and lots of lime (the more, the merrier!) This is a light and tart beverage that promises not to leave you with a hangover. 

Add a touch of sugar if you’re really looking to trick your taste buds.

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9. Pear Vanilla Water 

Pear, ginger, cinnamon and vanilla essence join forces for this unique infused sipper. Extra incentive? Ginger helps improve digestion, eases nausea and boosts your immune system while quenching your thirst.

10. Pineapple & Coconut Infused Water 

All of the flavour of a piña colada with none of the hangover! The joy! The perfect combo if you want to get that tropical feeling. Beach calling, anyone? 

11. Rainbow Citrus Burst 

Add as many different types of citrus as you please for this recipe. (Think: Grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes!) The result: A gorgeous spectrum of colour filling your fruit mason jar to the brim.

12. Apple Cinnamon Water 

Apples and cinnamon are an old age favourite. Cinnamon helps in digestion, so this infused water drink is a great option for hydrating after a meal.

13. HoneyDew & Raspberries Infused Water

Chunks of honeydew are blended until they're liquified, then balanced out with water, fresh lime juice, and sugar. Then garnish with tart raspberries, yum!

14. Citrus Cucumber Water 

If you’ve ever enjoyed cucumber and citrus in a drink before, you know how beautifully they go together. Skip the soda and try this instead for the ultimate in infused water refreshment.

Which is your favourite infused water combo? Share with us below.