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Fun Activities To Do with Your Children

Motherhood is hands down the highest level of responsibility you will ever undertake. It is lots of hard work, with barely any off days. With the onset of COVID, we are spending more time indoors, and it almost feels as if she will never rest. But do mothers really get to rest? If you haven't had a break in a while, here are some five activities you can do with your children to rejuvenate yourself.

  1. Create Hands and feet Print Artworks

Have your little ones place their hands and feet in a tub of colourful, non-toxic paint. Get a chart paper rolled out, and have them press their hands and feet onto it, leaving their cute little footprints behind. Let each paper dry and frame it. (Remember to label whose feet  or hands are whose!)


2. Plant Flowers

If you space allows it, plant some flowers in the backyard with the little ones. Allow them to water them everyday, and when the first fruits come along, you are definitely allowed to receive their love in a bunch. 

If the space is not adequate, how about using flower petals to spell out that they love you? This will be fun especially if you get different colors of petals for each child. 

3. Let the Kids Pamper You

Choose a day and be ready to be pampered by your wonderful children and you do the same for your mother. Tell your kids what help or services you would like to have. It could be help with a household chore, teaching you a skill you would like to acquire (some social media gist), an outing or anything else. 

Daughter Helping mum

Do exactly the same for your mother on a different day (if possible) and it will help instill a sense of responsibility and gratitude in your child.

4. Start a new family tradition.

For example, partake in some charitable work or something very simple like making sure the family reads together every Sunday night. You could even start a weekly game night. Introduce different games to the children depending on their age. 

It will be fun to take down notes on the day you started it and match it with your progress every year.

 5. Go for an adventure

Be it a photoshoot, a bike ride in Karura, or even brunch, find an activity that the whole family will enjoy (but will allow mum to get some rest). Do something different every year and be intentional about it. Whatever adventure you choose, have fun, and laugh every minute of it. Because being a mother is a full time job, and you deserve a clap for being an amazing mum.