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7 Ways to appreciate your wife

Happy wife, happy life ! How else to make your wife happy, other than appreciating her for all she does to make the home a happy place.  Because appreciation is such an important ingredient to a healthy beautiful marriage, here are 7 ways to intentionally express to your lovely wife that she is appreciated:
  1. Buy her a bouquet of flowers. 
Flowers are a sure genuine and yet simple way to a woman's heart. Do not wait for there for be an occasion to remind your wife how much you appreciate her. To make the gift thoughtful, you can pen a small message or a simply ‘thank you’. In addition to the card message, add a chocolate to make the gift sweeter. 
      2Give her some time off
There is so much that goes to having a happy and healthy family, it is only normal that your wife will be burned out from organising for all of that. Your wife also deserves time off, you can spoil your wife by either getting her a house help for the weekend or booking her a spa date to relax and recharge. 
      3. Get her a " just because gift"
This is a definite way of showing your wife that you are always thinking of appreciating her. That she is always running in your mind. Just because gifts to wives are a sure favourite way of being appreciated. 
     4. Help your wife with the Chores and Errands 
Make an effort to help your wife with the chores and errands when she is tired. You need to assure your wife that you are always available to help, wives love it when their husbands are sensitive to their well-being, ensuring that they are always understood and assisted when they are tired and overwhelmed by the day-to-day running’s of the home. 
      5.  Verbalise it !! Tell your wife what you appreciate
You do not only have to limit your appreciation to gifts, mean it while saying it.  A heartfelt ‘thank you’ or compliment goes a long way to cheer your wife up, as well as motivate her to always do that which makes you happy. Never stop admiring your Queen, make it a culture, for it is in the ‘thank you’ and compliments that she will feel the love and be motivated to keep up the great wifey roles.
     6.  Cook her favorite meal
There is nothing as amazing as not having to worry about what to cook after a long day. Taking your wife out for dinner is good, but not as great as cooking her  favorite meal. It  is in knowing that you put in the effort right from looking up a great recipe to executing it, that makes your wife feel like a priority in your life. To top this up, light up candlesto create a romantic atmosphere. 
      7.  Write her love notes and letters
There is something about a written love note or letter that that makes it a thoughtful way to expressing your appreciation for your wife. It can be a weekly practice. This is a sure fun way to remind your wife that what she does is appreciated. Get a journal that you get to update on a weekly basis so that it will all be in one place.