Top 5 must have back to school items!

It is back to school gear shopping time! Forget the same old supplies and gear and treat your little ones to these five awesome must school accessories. 

1. Classic BackPacks

For any kid heading back to school, an awesome backpack that reflects their interests and personal style is what will define them day after day. Purpink's new selection of backpacks is set to give you a range you cannot resist. 

The Aztec Back Pack has three different components, the back pack, the pencil pouch and the iPad bag that can easily carry lunch. 

AZtec Back Back

This brown back pack is perfect for the fashionable young girls who want comfort and style at the same time. It comes in different colors to allow the young ones to express their identity.

Back Pack for Ladies


2. Funky Lunch Boxes

Whether the kids take a packed lunch every day or just need a lunch box for the occasional school trip we have a colorful and beautiful range to choose from. 

Back to School Lunch Box

Back to School Lunch Boxes

 This beautiful lunch bag by Happy Jackson is big enough to fit lunch and treats. 

Back to School Lunch Bag

3. Cool Print Notebooks

Nothing beats the feeling of opening a new notebook only to reveal the clean, crisp, blank pages inside. These notebooks will actually elevate the young ones journaling experience, and make this semester just but a breeze. 

Back to School Notebooks

Back to school Notebook | Purpink

4. Earphone Tidy Case

Tired of fishing your earphones out your pocket and finding them in a tangle? With this earphone case you can keep them in one place, and tangle free!

Tidy Tunes Earphone Case

Tidy Tunes Earphone Case

5. Perfect TimePiece

Encourage the young ones to keep time with our wide choice of timepieces. Consider our Q & Q Kids watch that is water proof and perfect for the kids. The Casio watches are sturdy and will be a great gift for the older ones doing exams. 

KIDs Q & Q Watch

Casio Watch for Her


Have fun with the new school term! Don't forget to share with us your new accessories on instagram 


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