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How To Care For Genuine Leather Accessories 

Genuine leather items are usually costly but they are worth every cent. To ensure they last long and remain in good condition, you need to clean them and condition them on a regular basis. They also need to be stored properly if you do not use them on a regular basis. 

What You’ll Need: 

  • Soft Cloth (preferably cotton) 
  • Brush (use one with soft natural bristles) 
  • Leather Conditioner 
  • Leather Cleaner 
  • Water


  1. Brush Off Excess Dirt or Debris

Use a brush with soft bristles to brush off any dirt or debris from your leather accessory

  1. Wipe With Damp Cloth

Wet a soft cloth with some water and wipe the leather accessory. Ensure you use just enough water. Not too little and not too much such that the leather item takes too long to dry.

  1. Apply Soap

Apply a small amount of mild soap on a damp cloth and rub it on the leather item to remove any dirt from the surface. Work on one section at a time to ensure you thoroughly clean the accessory. Do this once every 4 months to keep your leather accessory in good condition at all times.

  1. Apply Leather Conditioner

Let the leather item dry completely before proceeding with application of the leather conditioner. Once your leather item is dry, put a small amount of conditioner on a dry cloth and rub it gently on your leather item. Conditioning should be done at least every 6 months if you regularly use your leather accessory.

  1. Stuff It

If you have a leather bag and you do not use it frequently, you can stuff it with soft clothing or bubble wrap so that it can still maintain its shape even when it is not in use.


  • Spot test any products you use on a small discreet section of leather before applying it on the whole item
  • Do not expose your leather accessory to direct heat as this will damage the leather fibers
  • Avoid soaking the leather in water.
  • Clean stains as soon as possible


Now that you have tips on how to care for your leather accessories, you are now ready to purchase some genuine leather items for yourself or your loved ones. Take a look at our range of leather gifts here.