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Top Tips on How To Have a Great Customer Service Week

Customer service week is all about appreciating your business community. These are the customers, vendors and the customer service team together with all other people who continue to support your business. It is a great time to influence brand loyalty, buying behaviour and future business opportunities. 

Below, we share with you some of the tips and tricks you could employ during the Customer Service week: - 

  • Make ‘Thank you’ calls or short videos
    Thank your loyal customers for their continued support towards the
     business by giving them a call or sending a short video. Also, ask on some suggestions and ideas as to how the company can improve its services. It is unexpected and will demonstrate the business’ shareworthy service in action 

  • Create a customer community. 
    Engage with customers in conversations through Live chats on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger) and try to avoid using overly formal tones. It helps in creating a neutral ground for real conversation with your customers. 
  • Listen to customers. 
    During the interaction with customers, 
    do not interrupt them. Customers reach out to be heard and so this provides a great opportunity to learn and also get crucial information to the business 

  • Offer timely response to customers. 
    In the event of queries and complaints, you might want to respond 
    effectively and efficiently. Most businesses respond to emails within the hour and this gives them a competitive edge with actively engaging customers and retaining them. 

  • Give rewards. 
    Customer service week is a great opportunity to 
    appreciate employees who have gone above and beyond when it came to serving customers. You could also give discounts and complimentary cards to repeat and loyal customers. This will make your business community feel part of the company. 

  • Be accessible and convenient. 
    Convenience is one of the most important variables used by customers to differentiate businesses. Customers like to enjoy experiences that are easy and simplified. 

  • Set expectations. 
    This is a very important step to having a great Customer service week. Com
    e up with an itinerary of activities, events and training sessions that will provide a platform for customers and employees to interact. 
  • Through Customer Care Programs,
    You could educate your employees just to improve their skills on listening, problem-sol
    ving and communication while they interact with customers. 

  • Know Your Employees
    Find out what your employees are passionate about and try to incorporate this into their job descriptions. This will provide a positive work environment and increase their productivity and retention within the company. 

  • Allow employees to shadow other employees in other departments. 
    This is a great way to provide an all-round understanding of how other departments affect workflow in the company. It also helps to break the barriers that can be created
     by departmentalisation. 

You do not have to implement all these ideas at once. Customer Service week is 5 days long and this gives you a great opportunity to reach out to virtually everyone and celebrate the important role that customer service plays in every organisation.