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Top 10 reasons why you need to treat yourself today!

Even the most clueless gift-giver probably has a list of all they would love to receive on their big day. Be it a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding (where do you think gift lists came from anyway?) We want to control what we receive, because we are tired of getting the same old white forest cake for our birthdays. Worry not, you are not alone.

Self-gifting is rapidly gaining traction with most of us. When you order that half kg of cake, even though your body frowns at you, you want to have a moment to appreciate yourself. Why wait for a whole year until your next birthday to spoil yourself rotten? We want to show you when it is okay to get yourself something, and anything on your mind. If you spend so much on everyone else, why not direct some of that to yourself? Okay so here goes;



These are considered a pat-on-the back for achieving a goal or working hard. It’s like saying, “Well done, me!” You managed to close that business deal, come on hit yourself up with that pair of earrings you have been ogling at all along. You deserve it. And could you remember to order for a card written “congratulations, we did it?”. If anything, this will make you work extra hard for the next big job. :-) 


Designed to distract us from an unexpected result or outcome. So, if you missed out on that promotion, you may stop on the way home and buy a good bottle of wine, and drown your sorrows away. There is always going to be a next time, so cheer up, or if not, let the wine do it for you! 


Unlike personal disappointment (which is a short-term emotion) moods are longer lasting. So, you’ve had a long difficult week at work, your boss constantly on your back, so you say to yourself, “I need a massage and facial”. We feel you. Go ahead, buy that coupon for yourself, dont wait until someone else does, I mean who knows how hard that week has been on you but yourself?


In contrast to reducing the effects of a negative mood, some people will maintain a positive mood. We shop when we are happy. “I’ve had a great month of sales, relationship is going well, life is good and I deserve a great dinner out with my friends.”


Need to get fit in time for your wedding? Well you simply couldn’t do it without a new wardrobe and the latest sports watch collection, right? That’s motivation self-gifting.



“It’s my first day at work, it’s our anniversary, It’s a Tuesday I might buy myself a little treat.” That simple…


Feeling bored? Go shopping. Seeking out that elusive bargain will provide both excitement and pleasure.  


Start with and see how you will feel after an hour (which is the time we take to deliver your gift to you! 😊