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How to Shine Your Shoes Like a Pro

There are very few things that are as irresistible to women as a man in well tailored suit. A good suit is to a man, what lingerie is to a lady. A guy in a suit projects success, confidence and  an aura of importance.  As such, it is crucial that one has at least one dapper suit for those special occasions.


The best way to ruin a tailored suit is to wear dress shoes that look old and worn. To a critical eye, this easily passes off as “irresponsible”, “no attention to detail” and/or “careless”.  Just to be clear though, it is not the scuffs and bruises that ruin a good shoe (these are an inevitable wear and tear processes) – rather, it is the way one addresses them.

While a good number of people will prefer to have their shoes shined at the shoe marts, all over the city with the kiwi brand on them, it is much better (and more gentlemanly) to do it yourself. It is one of those things one has to know. Like would you wait for AA rescue to help you change a punctured tire; or would rather do it yourself? Besides, if you have a lady in the car at that point in time, your score will definitely rate higher.

So today I shall share with you the few steps to getting a good shine on a shoe. You will need:

  •  soft cloth,
  • a semi-stiff brush to apply the polish ( a toothbrush could suffice)
  • a horsehair brush to remove the polish,
  • and a chamois or rag

In  Gentlemen’s Hardware Buff & Shine Shoe Kit, all the items come in a reusable leather and canvas bag.


Lay out some newspapers and place the shoes. Remove the shoe trees and shoe laces so that you can get to shine the shoe tongue too. This is a most forgotten area when polishing shoes, and eventually you realise that it changes colour creating an unattractive contrast. The newspapers will come in handy in protecting the surface you work on.

2. Secondly, put one hand in shoe palm down and with the cloth that is barely damp,  and work on removing the dirt and grit from the shoe’s surface and the tongue(very important). If left there, these will scrub the surface of the shoes causing more tear.

3. After that, dry the shoes and apply the polish with the brush in small amounts. It is always easier to add more polish than remove it from the shoe. Using the brush, ensure every part of the sure gets some polish. Shine the area under the shoe that doesn’t touch the floor, between the toe and the heel – you want to make the sure the shoe looks good through and through!  Repeat the same with the second shoe as you allow the wax or cream to set in on the first shoe.
4. Use the horsehair brush to remove the polish by using rapid wrist movements to brush vigorously with medium pressure.  The heat generated by the vigorous brushing will help the polish sink even further. Do so for both shoes.

5. Finally, go over each shoe with a chamois or rag to make sure you remove any additional excess polish the horsehair brush might have missed.  Pay extra attention to the top of the shoe where polish tends to gather and can stain your trouser cuffs later.  Buff the shoes to a fine shine and congratulate yourself on being able to see your reflection in the toe of the shoes.


That is pretty simple yes? It is made even simpler by this gentlemen hardware shoe shine and buff kit. Of course it is entirely relevant and practical to acknowledge that time will not always be available for the optimal amount of tender love and care.  In such cases, take 30 seconds to run a coat of polish and one pass of the brush and cloth, and voila!