Top 10 Christmas Gifts 2019

Have you started shopping for Christmas gifts? If not, do not wait until the last minute. If you have no idea what to gift to your family or friends, do not worry. We have put together a collection of Christmas gifts your friends and family are sure to love. Here are the top 10 Christmas gifts in 2019

1. Purpink Family Feast Gift Hamper

A Christmas Gift Hamper for a family - Purpink Gifts & Florist

The Purpink Family Feast Gift Hamper is the perfect gift for a family both children and adults. It comes beautifully packaged in a mocha basket, ready to gift.

Price: Ksh.14,200

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2. Willow Barrel Picnic Basket

Willow Barrel Picnic Basket for 4 - Purpink Gifts

The cute picnic basket comes with utensils enough for 4 people. It is the perfect Christmas gift for a family especially if they enjoy outdoor events.

Price: Ksh.10,500

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3. Advent Calendar

mars advent calendar - purpink gifts 

Send this as an early Christmas gift to countdown to Christmas in style. 

Price: Ksh.880

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4. Christmas Fruit Cake

 A Christmas Fruit Cake - Purpink Gifts

Christmas is not Christmas without this delicious fruit cake. Choose the size you would like from 500g onwards.

Price: from ksh.1,500

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5. Festive Tower of Treats

The Festive Tower of Treats contains a cake, chocolates and other sweet treats. The pack has something to satisfy everyone this Christmas

Price: Ksh.8,950

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6. Pace Power Box (Speaker + Powerbank)

Pace Speaker and Powerbank - Purpink Gifts

This device will make a great Christmas Gift for him. It doubles up as a powerbank and a speaker that is waterproof. 

Price: Ksh.6,160

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7. Mixology Bartender Silver Set

A 10 Piece Mixology Cocktail Set - Purpink Gifts

Whip up amazing and unforgettable cocktails this Christmas season with this cocktail set. It has all you need. Just get your ingredients and you are ready to go.

Price: Ksh.5.650

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8. Classic Jenga Game

Classic Jenga Game - Purpink Gifts

The Classic Jenga game combines laughter, friends, family and skill. Create memories this Christmas with 

Price: Ksh.2,650

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9. Jewellery

A pair of aqua blue swarovski earrings - purpink gifts

A piece of jewelry will always make her happy

Price: Ksh.2500

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10. Watch

Besseron Women's Watchg - Purpink Gifts

The perfect accessory for her when going out. 

Price: Ksh.5,500

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