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5 Corporate gifting Trends 2020

Corporate gifting has steadily been on the increase over the years. Just like change which is persistent, corporate gifting is shifting more to value gifting. This year however, the pandemic has presented a very challenging environment for businesses to thrive in. This is not to say that this year there is no corporate gifting, whether its employees, clients and/ or vendors, appreciate them for their hard work and commitment during this pandemic.  

Below, we share with you some 5 corporate gifting Trends this year; -  

Health & Wellness.

After months of staying indoors because of the pandemic,it is evident that its not going anywhere any time soon. Sending self care packages that contain wellness products that they could enjoy while focusing on remaining healthy and relaxed during these times is a great way to remind them that you care about your employees and that you understand that this is a difficult time.  

Personalised small gifts.

The pandemic has been a hard hit on businesses with some if not all, registering huge losses. This will definitely reflect on the type of gifts that businesses can appreciate its business community with. Sending small gifts like notebooks or stationery sets that have a special touch of personalisation is a heart warming reminder that you value them and they remain an important part of the company.

Family Hampers.

Gifts are memorable when they can be shared and enjoyed by the whole family. With almost everyone working from  home, sending family hampers which contain an assortment that can be enjoyed by the whole family, is a great way to remind them that they are still part of your company.

Cocktail gift sets.

With social joints closed up because of the pandemic, people cannot go out and have a good time. You could also consider sending a a gift box that contains  collection of cocktail items such as branded tumblers or shot glasses and an out of the ordinary cocktail shaker that will bring fun cocktail experiences at home during quarantine. 

Home- drop Gifts.

Working from home has ruled out the opportunity for contact at the office. Go the extra mile by having their gifts delivered to them at their homes. This will be a wonderful surprise for them.


 As you consider gifting your corporate family this year, you can add a heartfelt appreciation message  just to let the know that their efforts are appreciated. We have endless Corporate gift options  we can give you when it comes to corporate gifting.