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Top 5 fun things to do at home

Who said staying home during the lockdown has to be boring? There are plenty of fun things to do to at home. All you need to do is get a little creative. We have rounded up some fun activities you can take part in with your family and friends. 

1. Have a Picnic 

Instead of having lunch or dinner at the regular table each day, why not have a picnic either indoors or your compound? Set up the place well with a nice blanket, some candles (if you decide to do this at night) and of course, plenty of food & drinks. Check out our picnic baskets which will definitely come in handy for the occasion 

2. Play Games 

Playing games has always been one of the best ways to relax, have fun and bond with friends and family. Whether you would like games for the kids, for family or for adults, you are sure to get a game you will definitely enjoy. Have a look at the games we have put together just for you by clicking here 

3. Watch Movies/Series 

If you always had a busy schedule and could not sneak in some time for some of your favourite shows, this is the time to bond with your family over a movie or series. Take it a notch higher by having a theme for your movie night and plenty of snacks to make it more enjoyable. 

4. Host a Barbecue 

A barbecue is a fun and exciting way to spend the afternoon or evening. Get everyone involved in the process by picking out ingredients together and making the necessary preparations. Make it fun by putting on some music and having snacks available to eat during the process. To make work easier for you, we have prepared a barbecue crate with the necessary barbecue equipmentand we can deliver straight to your doorstep 

5. Get creative making cocktails & mocktails 

If you love your drink, this will be one of your favourite past time. You have access to a lot of recipes online. Challenge yourself to try a different mocktail or cocktail each day. Get all the necessary tools needed here and we will have them delivered right to your home in the fastest time possible