What are the Top Gifts for Customer Service Week 2019?

The best gifts for Customer Service Week are practical gifts that can still remind your employees of their value long after Customer Service Week is over. Customer service week is usually celebrated from the first Monday of October. CS Week 2019 will run from 7th October to 11th October

When rewarding your employees, you want to make sure you do it right and show that you actually care for and appreciate them. Ensure that week is remembered for the right reasons.

Wondering what you can gift them? Here are a few great ideas for #csweek2019

1. Personalised Hoodies

Personalised black hoodie for customer service week 2019

Personalise the hoodie with an awesome quote or a name

2.Personalised Magic Mugs

Personalised Customer Service Week Magic Mug

This is a practical gift since it can be used long after customer service week. Personalise the mugs with a name and an appreciative quote

3. Personalised Tumblers

Personalised Tumbler for Customer Service Week

Personalise the tumbler with a name or message and your company logo

4. Personalised Slim Travel Mugs

Personalised Customer Service Week Slim Travel Mug

Brand your employee’s names and an extra short appreciative message

5. Personalised T-Shirts

Personalised black tshirts for customer service week

Brand the t-shirts with an awesome message and name of the employee

Include a personalised note for each of your employees with a short message of gratitude for their work

Have a look at more gift ideas for customer service week here.

Worst Gift Ideas for Customer Service Week

1. Alcohol

If you have a large company with many employees, avoid gifting alcohol since you may not know all of them personally. Some employees may not consume alcohol.

2. Gifts Crediting the Company

Since the focus of customer service week is the employees and not the company, ensure the personalised items as well as the card do not contain messages that praise the company and not the employee

3. Products with Spelling Mistakes

When it comes to personalized products, double check the spelling of the message but most importantly the name of the employee. Making this effort will show your employees that you actually care.


Your employees should not be appreciated only during customer service week. They should always feel appreciated and valued in the company. Here are some tips to aid you in doing that:

  • Always reward your staff members who get good reviews
  • Instantly reward employees when they accomplish their goals whether they are department goals, individual goals or team goals
  • Occasionally send them an ecard highlighting their accomplishments and share a message of gratitude


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