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Everything You Need To Know About Your Birth Month Flower

Just like each month has its own gemstone, each month also has a special flower dedicated to it. Way before email, texting, DMs or even calls came about, people used flowers to communicate. The language of flowers – also known as floriography – was especially popular in the 18th and 19th century. Today, we may have more ways to communicate, but the messages told with each flower are as meaningful today as ever. Each birth month flower has a unique meaning and is sure to make the recipient feel extra special (and loved!)

Identify your birthday month with a beautiful bloom and get to know what the blossom means. It is interesting also to know the birth flower of your friends and family and what they represent. The information can inspire your gift for their next birthday as well!

January Birth Flower : Carnation

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With a fascinating history of more than 2000 years, carnations are full of meaning and symbolism. With their gorgeously fluffy petals, these blooms have stood the test the time and are still a favourite flower for many occasions like weddings and birthdays.

Their light, sweet scent and huge range of colours make the carnation flower a delight for all the senses, and make a beautiful bouquet alone or when combined with other flowers. Generally, carnations symbolize devotion, love, distinction, and fascination. Each color of carnation symbolizes a different meaning though. You can learn more about carnations here.

February Birth Flower : Alstroemeria

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It wouldn’t be cliché if you imagined roses, and specifically red roses, to be the birth flower of February, especially with their preference on Valentine’s Day. However, Violet, is the official birth flower of February. Violets are purple-hued blooms which symbolize modesty, faithfulness and virtue. Back in the Victorian age, a gift of violets was a declaration to always be true, and it still serves as a wonderful reminder of loyalty, thoughtfulness, and dependability.

Can you however find violets in Kenya? It’s not likely that we have these beautiful flowers all year round, and especially in February when most flower farms focus on growing the on demand red roses. We suggest the Purple Alstroemeria lily, which is very close in shape to the Violet, and blooms elegantly all year round in Kenya. The lily (also known as the Peruvian lily) is one of the most-loved and beautiful flowers to give and receive. Not only are their dramatic blooms a delight to have around the home, the meaning behind them is very powerful as well! A deeper meaning can be assigned to the alstroemeria lily based on its colour. So, if you’re looking for a flower to perfectly express your love for a friend or partner, we’ve got you covered. 


March Birth Flower:Sunflower / Daffodil

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 The Daffodil is the March Birth Flower. These little buds of sunshine are such happy flowers (especially because of the bright yellow color). Little wonder they represent joy, friendship, and sunshine. They are hopeful flowers, making them a great gift for March born baby.

We chose Sunflowers to place of Daffodils, to celebrate March birthdays in Kenya. Radiant, lush and full of joy - sunflowers bring summertime to mind and happiness to our loved ones. The sunflower surpasses all others in terms of its universal power to bring joy and love to people. Sunflowers symbolize loyalty, adoration, and genuine happiness. Sunflowers are the perfect bloom to brighten one’s day.


April Birth Flower: Daisy(Gerbera)
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Daisies are beautifully petaled flowers that represent loyalty and innocence. While the sweet and simple daisies easily grow out in the fields, giving someone born in April a wonderful bouquet of bright gerbera daisies will no doubt put a big smile on their face. Gerbera daisies, also known as African daisies, have become very popular in recent years, thanks to their vast spectrum of colors. These cheerful flowers can be recognized by their large-disc shaped head and long, fuzzy stem and are a modern symbol of summer and sunny days.

 May Birth Flower: Baby Breath / Lily of the Valley

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Lilyof the valley are cute tiny flowers that are elegant and peace inducing. A bunch contains tiny, dainty, sweet smelling flowers. Their elegance makes them a go to pick for bridal bouquets especially royal brides (cue Kate Middleton).They are known to represent joy, mother’s love, and humility. They are the perfect gift to give to your mom on women’s day or Mother’s Day or any special someone born in the month of May.

 Gypsophilia, popularly known as Baby Breath is a worthy substitution for the flower of the Month May. Kenya does not grow Lilly of the valley, but our famous baby breath more than makes up for it. Baby breath also features tiny, sweet-smelling flowers on a single stem. Baby breath flowers express and symbolize everlasting love and purity (as pure as a Baby’s breath, get it?) Little wonder these flowers are loved for weddings as they remind us to show as much affection as possible. We have Baby breath flowers now in yellow, blue, purple, pink and the traditional white. It has the longest vase life (more than 15 days) and is an absolute treat for a May birthday girl!


June Birth Flower: Rose
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Roses are the birth flowers for June. June babies have bragging rights, on having the most popular flower of all time as their birth flower! Available in a wide range of colors, all with a different meaning, roses make a perfect gift for pretty much every occasion. Find out the meaning behind different colors of roses, as well as how to take care of these delicate blooms.

 Overall, roses symbolize beauty, love, and devotion. Roses are a classic flower that has been long regarded for their ability to warm someone’s heart. Some are scented, especially the Tambuzi range, a scent that has been known to induce relaxation and a sense of calm. The phrase “stop and smell the roses” literally relives stress, treats insomnia, and calms nerves.

 July Birth Flower: Water Lily

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The water lily flower is the birth flower for July. It has a mysterious demeanour, a unique lotus-like flower. You can find water lilies floating atop water giving a sense something less calming might be happening underneath. Isn’t it interesting that this flower only lasts about four days until it settles under the water?The water lily symbolises purity and rebirth.

 It may not be easy to pluck out a water lily (because, let’s face it, it still needs water to stay alive) and send it out to a loved one who was born in July. That’s why we recommend the oriental lily instead as the birth flower for July. Just like the water lily, oriental lilies are a symbol of purity and rebirth. They make a perfect wedding bouquet for a bride or may be gifted as a congratulatory gift to a person who has recently experienced a new milestone in life (new baby, yes!). These lilies give a divine scent in any space they bloom in.
Fun Fact: they are the 30th Anniversary Flower too!

August Birth Flower:Gladiolus

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 The Gladiolus is the official birth flower of August. Named after the Latin word Gladius meaning sword this flower has a unique ling and pointed shape. By gifting a gladiolus to a loved one, you send the message “you pierce my heart’ or I am infatuated with you. This bold bloom can be found in an assortment of colors including red, pink, orange, yellow and white. Gladiolus stems add a dramatic touch to any flower arrangement. Be sure to add this flower as you choose the perfect bouquet for an August birthday. It’s also the 40th anniversary flower because it symbolizes both infatuation and remembrance.

 September Birth Flower:  Morning Glory

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The morning glory flower is trumpet shaped with colours of purple/blue, white or magenta, that can be seen on vines and cascading up garden walls. These beautiful blooms are aptly named “morning glory” because they bloom very early in the morning, and close up pretty early in the afternoon. They are known to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. They are beautiful and fitting to associate with the month of September. When gifting someone a morning glory, it implies that you care deeply about them, and share an everlasting love, despite the challenges that life may present.

October Birth Month: Birds of Paradise

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Marigold is the birth flower for October. Marigold is usually associated with grief despite them being vibrant. In recent times however, the flowers have been known to represent determination, excitement, warmth, and creativity. They also signify new beginnings.

 In Kenya, Birds of Paradise is the official October Birth Flower. These flowers, which are heavily present in most gardens in Kenya, represent faithfulness, love and thoughtfulness – making it a perfect romantic gift. Sometimes, the Bird of paradise flower is called a crane flower because it resembles an elegant, long necked bird, which usually has a long stem, colorful blossoms and a pointed beak. This flower presents an idea of paradise on earth; and an overall optimism toward the future (especially in a relationship). Sending a Birds of Paradise arrangement is a statement way to celebrate a Birthday Girl born in August.

November Birth Month: Chrysanthemum
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The November birth flower is the  chrysanthemum, one of world’s most popular cut flowers. Just like roses, these beautiful blooms come in a very wide array of colors. Chrysanthemums are thought to bring good luck and joy when arranged in a home. These flowers were first grown in China in the 15th century. Today, they are loved so much in both China and Japan, that they have their own special day dedicated to them called the Festival of Happiness. Mums represent friendship, unity, joy, and health. Send a bouquet of mixed mums or single-coloured mums to a loved one on their birthday if it is in November, to wish them luck and good will.

December Birth Month: Orchid instead of Narcissus
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Though technically not a flower the narcissus plants are used for decorative purposes and are considered festive flowers. They represent cheer and this is why they are December birth flowers, the month of festivity. The excitement of getting to the end of the year is vivid in these blooms. They make for an elegant arrangement with the white variety being used as bridal bouquets.

 Our choice of December Flower of the Month is the Orchid. Orchids are exotic flowers that have a reputation of being symbols of fertility and elegance. White orchids, however, symbolize innocence and purity, as well as reverence. The purple orchids symbolize royalty and admiration and are traditionally gifted as a sign of respect. It is fitting then, that we celebrate December birthdays with a bloom worthy of a celebration. Best part? If you get an orchid plant, you can expect more than a year of care and beauty in your home. We have more tips on how to take care of your orchid plants, both during bloom season and off bloom season.


Knowing about your birth month flower or that of your loved ones makes gifting them with bouquets more special. You will surely make their day if you gift them with a bouquet that represents their birth month.

Birthday flower month with Purpink Gifts Kenya

January Birth Flower : Carnation

February Birth Flower : Alstroemeria

March Birth Flower : Sunflower

April Birth Flower : Daisy

May Birth Flower : Baby Breath

June Birth Flower : Rose

July Birth Flower : Oriental Lily

August Birth Flower : Gladiolus

September Birth Flower : Morning Glory

October Birth Flower : Birds of Paradise

November Birth Flower : Chrysanthemum

December Birth Flower : Orchid