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Romance February Accessories for Her | Gift Accessories for Her

Looking for unique and romantic gift accessories for her? Our collection contains the best-selling romantic accessories that will make the perfect gift for her this romantic season.

Please note only items in this category are available for delivery from 8th February to 16th February

A4 LED Cinematic Lightbox Sign KSh26,500.00 Shop Now
Graffiti Effect Backpack KSh3,850.00 Shop Now
Mandy Tan Leather Tote Bag KSh16,250.00 Shop Now
Azalea Crossbody Tote Bag KSh4,000.00 Shop Now
Alexa Wine Red Tote Bag KSh3,750.00 Shop Now
Dela 3 in 1 Tote Bag KSh5,050.00 Shop Now
Rory Bifold Ladies Wallet KSh4,050.00 Shop Now
Mara 3 Piece in 1 Tote Bag KSh4,600.00 Shop Now
Ella 4 piece in 1 Tote Bag KSh5,000.00 Shop Now
Melanie Gold 4 in 1 Tote Bag KSh4,350.00 Shop Now
Mila 4 Piece in 1 Tote Bag KSh5,000.00 Shop Now
Amara Crossbody Tote Bag KSh4,600.00 Shop Now
Resa 2 in 1 Tote Bag KSh4,500.00 Shop Now
Mako Tote Bag KSh4,550.00 Shop Now
Joanna 3 piece in 1 Backpack KSh3,750.00 Shop Now

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Great workmanship.
Beautiful gift

Superb customer service, the gift was beautifully made and the delivery was done in a timely and efficient manner. Very happy to be their second time customer. Will be back for more!

Good job

Amazing quality and brilliant customer service. The personalization was on point. Thank you

Excellent Service

Thank you Purpink for the amazing and prompt service and beautiful packaging.
We look forward to doing this again soon.


The pillow was perfectly done and I absolutely loved the Exceptional service.