14 Fun Tips on How To Spend Your Time At Home In The Holidays

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It’s the holidays, and you’re probably wondering what to do with all the free time that you suddenly have. It all depends on your situation, though. Maybe you are a young single person visiting your family home.🏡You may have to split the time between being with your relatives and visiting old friends. Or, probably, you have decided to stay around and just cool off as you wait for the new year. Considering what position you might find yourself in, this is the best time to take the foot off the gas and do the things you love, start on that new project you were thinking of, or just ‘chill’ with the peeps at home, Whatever the case, here are some fun things you can do when you decide to spend your holidays at home.

1. Have some TV time

I get it, there’s that new series you had set your eyes on or that manga whose anime is out, but you just didn’t have the time to watch it. This is probably the best time to binge your best movies! So get your blanket, have some food and just curl up on your sofa and have quality TV time yourself. 📺 

2. Get active

Perhaps you were scrolling on Tiktok the other day and saw this insane workout split that you wanted to try out. Or you wanted to start on your fitness journey in the holidays. Try some yoga, a light run in the neighbourhood or hit the gym to get in shape for the new year. 🏃🏾 

3. Redesign your home

An entertaining thing to do in the holidays would be to transform your room or backyard. Explore cool interior designs you would want to experiment with and have fun making your home look like an Extreme Makeover project. 🏠

4. Games

I’d recommend checking out the Monopoly card game. It’s so exciting and addictive that you’ll probably carry the deck everywhere. Other games you could try out could be the Kenyan Kumiliki property game or just the good old video games everyone loves playing at home. Games are fun to connect with family and bring everyone on ‘board’.  🎲


5. Crash courses

You might have that small business idea that you want to start the following year, or there is a topic that you want to learn more. Try out a crash course. The subject matter in these courses is simplified, with examples and sample projects to get you up to speed in a short time. 🙇🏿 

6. Read a book

I know we lost that reading instinct the moment we stepped into high school, but we still have that ‘reading’ gene inside of us, especially when it comes to fiction books. If you saw an author whose book you wanted to read (insert Jack Reacher series), this would be the best time to do some binge reading; I’m sure you’ll love it. 📖 

7. Take a walk around town.

If you are spending the holidays at your family home, I’d recommend taking long walks around the neighbourhood or around town to see what has changed. You’d be surprised by how much your hometown has evolved, and there is no better feeling than seeing the place where you grew up become better. 🚶🏾‍♂️ 

8. Family time

Quality time spent with family is the best, especially if you haven’t seen them in a long while. They probably missed you more than you missed them, so make that time the best possible. Try finding out what some of them have been up to, what moves they are planning and how you can stay in touch regularly even when you come back to town. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 

9. Try out a new hobby

Maybe your talent is hidden in there somewhere. During the holidays, try out that new activity you want to start. Perhaps you wanted to start knitting or being a DJ; a new hobby helps add much more fun to your life and breaks the spontaneity that you had. 🧶 

10. Throw a house party

Yeap, you read that right. If you’re a partygoer but don’t want to go to the club during the holidays, host a house party! Invite your friends, have some loud music and good food and shake off the year. House parties strengthen your bond with your friends in a youthful and vibrant manner. 🎊 

11. Work on that special project

The holidays are a fantastic time for you to start or continue working on your project. You may have an online store idea that you want to set up or that poultry farm back at home that needs your attention. This is the time to put in the work and make it a success. 📽 

12. Visit friends that you haven’t seen in a while

If you are spending your holidays back in your hometown, the holidays are the best time to check out your old friends you haven’t heard from in a while. Trust me; they would be elated to see you and tell you how they have been doing. We all have stories to share, and you might be the best person to hear them. 


13. Cooking something for yourself

Time to be Gordon Ramsey, eh? If you love cooking (or you’d want to start), the holidays present a perfect opportunity to do so. There might be that new recipe from Youtube that you want to try, get your cooking set out and prepare a meal for yourself. 🍱 

14. Practice self-care

After an exhausting year, the best you would do is to have an at-home spa day and pamper yourself with bath bombs and massage. Spoil and reward yourself because you deserve it! 🛁

Spending the holidays at home shouldn’t be boring at all. Hopefully, these 14 tips will give you more exciting ideas to make that time wholesome and memorable. Happy holidays!

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