15 Unique Graduation Gifts They’ll Be Excited To Receive

by Dee Bett

Graduation is an accomplishment worth being proud of. Whether it is your daughter from pre-primary, your brother in high school or your friend at college, no matter their age or education, graduating is no easy feat. That’s why your colleague, sibling or close friend celebrating this special milestone deserves the best, most thoughtful graduation gifts.

Whatever stage that particular person is graduating from, they will all have many new responsibilities and challenges that they will encounter, from moving out of their parent’s home to building their career. The best graduation gifts remind them of what they have achieved so far while also being valuable items that will help them enter that new phase of life.

From useful presents that will help them transition into their new life to bestsellers that celebrate their achievements, this is a roundup of creative, thoughtful and meaningful graduation gifts from our collection guaranteed to bring memories into the recipient’s life.

1. Smart Warming Mug with Wireless Charger

When thinking about the perfect gift for young adults graduating from university, look for things that make life easier for them post-hostel life. This Smart warming mug would make an excellent accessory in their office space in their first new job. With a USB port embedded in the coaster, they can use this to warm their drink or maintain it at a high temperature while also being able to charge their mobile devices wirelessly on the coaster. 

Rise and Shine Warmer Mug with Wireless Charger

2. Flower Carnations

If the graduate is a beloved partner, getting them flower carnations to celebrate their achievement might do the trick. Carnations make excellent graduation flowers, with different colours symbolising different meanings. For example, red carnations demonstrate your admiration for the graduate. White carnations symbolise pure love for the graduate and pink carnations show that you will always think of them.

Red Roses and Pink Carnations Bouquet


3. Personalised Office Essentials 

This might be the perfect gift for law graduates or those writing a lot in their new jobs. This set comes with a water bottle, a notebook, a pen and a Bluetooth speaker, packaged in a blue reusable gift box. You can add their names to the items to make the gift more personal and thoughtful.

Personalised office essentials

4. Miniature Golf Ball Clock from Widdop

This crossed golf ball clock would make an excellent gift for a master’s graduate or those in higher levels of education. The dazzling clock comes with a sleek design that would complement an office space. The removable clock face features a satin gold face with an Arabic dial and gold clock hands.

Widdop miniature golf ball clock

5. Travel-friendly Wireless Speaker

When graduates are through with their level of education, they tend to take vacations and holiday trips to reward themselves. If you have a friend or relative taking a ‘grad vacation’, a Hi-Fi wireless speaker would make the perfect gift for them. They could listen to their favourite music from it while on holiday or host a whole grad party with this speaker.

Hi-Fi Super Bass Sound Wireless Speaker


6. Silver Glitter Graduation Photo frame

A graduation frame with their picture would make a wonderful keepsake and lasting memory in their life. This gift helps you express your congratulations most thoughtfully.

Graduation photo frame

7. Personalised Balloon

A balloon with their name and a special message would make an emotional gift for the graduate in their graduation ceremony. The personalised message comes golden to complement the small balloons within the bubble.

Special Day Balloon

8. Genuine Leather Card Holder

A cardholder would make a practical gift for the male graduate to hold their essential cards such as work ID, bank cards etc. This minimalist cardholder comes with a pen slot just in case they need to write anything.

TILAT Genuine Leather Card holder

9. Take Charge Power Bank

This unique power bank would make a perfect gift for the young adult graduate just out of university. With 6000mAh, the power bank can help them fully charge their device at work without needing a socket. It comes with dual USB output meaning they can charge two devices simultaneously.

Takecharge Power bank

10. A Planner

A planner helps the graduate write down their goals, plan their actions, and journal their experiences. What better gift for a graduate? Our pick for a planner is this one embroidered with the words “NO DREAMS JUST GOALS” that provide extra motivation for them in a fun way.

No Dreams Just Goals Planner

11. A Congratulations Card

A card might seem like a simple gift, but it would make a big difference when excellent congratulatory design meets thoughtful, meaningful words written inside. Pair it up with a graduation gift to make it even more memorable.

Congratulations Card


12. Personalised Lunch Box

When in their first job after graduation, they will probably be packing their lunch to their workplace. A lunchbox with their initials or names would make a thoughtful and useful gift they can use daily.

Personalised lunch box

13. A Celebratory Gift Hamper

Make their graduation day stand out with a celebration gift hamper. Hampers express joy in a way words do not, so one of the best ways to show your love and care for the graduate is by surprising them with a gift box, especially if you might not be able to attend their graduation ceremony.

The Celebration

14. Jewellery Box

A jewellery box would make a perfect keepsake for a graduate, especially if they receive lots of jewellery on their special day. Each time they open that box, they will remember their graduation day and those who gifted them, leaving a lasting impression.

Sophia Round Jewellery Box

15. A Gift Card

You may not have anything in mind for the graduate in your life, or you do not know their interest or tastes, but a gift card would make the perfect gift. At Purpink, we have various gift cards that you can choose from, no matter your budget, for the graduate.

Purpink gift card

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