Why do we give flowers as gifts?

by Ayrton Bett

8 Amazing Reasons to Gift Flowers To Your Loved Ones

Giving someone flowers as a gift is a special way of showing your love and appreciation for them in any for occasion whether it’s birthday, your anniversary, valentine day, mother’s day, wedding or just because. 

The way flower bouquets are arranged, the colour and the type of bloom you give all work together to convey multiple messages. And it’s amazing how much these messages can differ from flower-to-flower. If you have been looking for why you should send or surprise your loved ones with flowers, here are 8 amazing reasons as to why you should do so.

1. Shows your appreciation for them

Flowers help express gratitude to your loved ones and show them that they are special in a way not verbally expressed. Flowers like the Chrysanthemum represent cheerfulness and are best to say 'thank you' for their friendship or compliment them for something nice they did for you. A bouquet of roses in full bloom represents gratitude. Pink, peach, and yellow are especially good colours to say thank you with; pink symbolises admiration and friendship, peach symbolises appreciation, and yellow symbolises joy and friendship. You can never go wrong with a dozen sweet-smelling roses to show your appreciation for them.

2. Flowers strengthen relationships

It’s no secret that sending romantic flowers can bloom up your bond with someone. Research even shows that people who receive flowers and have them around benefit from increased feelings of compassion for others. Flowers ensure long time connection by being present on your behalf for any occasion. They allow wishing someone special all the best despite your fast, busy life.

3. Flowers reduce stress

The sight of flowers makes people smile, and the scent of flowers helps people relax and less anxious, too. Breathing in the sweet fragrance of flowers has a relaxing and stress-reducing effect, and it’s well researched that flowers bring moments of tranquility and calm. Plus, there are several studies that showed women who received flowers had a statistically significant reduction in stress levels. If you notice that your loved one is going through a rough time, surprise them with a bouquet of flowers to help reduce their stress.

4. Flowers say 'I love you' better

 Flowers are believed to be the best medium to express your love and feelings to someone. Flowers are better at expressing emotions better than words. By gifting them a particular floral arrangement, you can make your special person better understand how much you love them. If you have just committed to a  new relationship with someone, be sure to send them a bouquet of lilies as they symbolise a new beginning.

5. Make a positive impression

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression so it’s always important to make a good one. Presenting someone with a posy of fresh romantic flowers on a first date is a great way to grab their attention. If you want to let them know that you’ve been looking forward to meeting them, then a simple selection of flowers will leave your date with no doubt that you’ve been thinking of them.

6. Flowers can uplift their mood

Flowers represent life; looking at them and being surrounded by them is said to give a feeling of new life, new beginnings and rejuvenation. Flowers help evoke happy memories, therefore lifting people out of bad moods. Sending your loved ones a bouquet of blooming flowers can go a long way in uplifting their mood if they weren't really up to it.

7. Shows that you care and are thinking about them

Flowers are often seen as a symbol of affection, and when someone is given a bouquet, it's a sign that they are loved and appreciated. Flowers can make anyone feel warm, and they are the perfect way to show someone that you care and you are thinking of them.

8. Flowers show sympathy

Flowers are a way of connecting with someone and expressing sympathy. It can be difficult to find the words to say when someone is grieving. However, flowers can often speak louder than words. A bouquet of sympathy flowers can show that you are there for the person and that you care about them.

The gift of flowers has the power to make people feel loved, happy, special, and connected. If you're looking for a way to brighten someone's day or show your love for them, sending them a bouquet is a perfect choice.

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