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Purpink Gifts stocks the latest jewellery and jewellery accessories including earrings, necklaces, jewellery sets as well as bracelets. Whether you are looking for Swarovski jewellery, or gold plated necklaces or even sterling silver studs, we have it all.
Sunshine Tassel Statement Earrings KSh1,125.00 KSh1,250.00 Shop Now
Kiki Summer Earrings KSh1,350.00 Shop Now
Shannel Darling Bracelet KSh1,850.00 Shop Now
Adorable Adele Necklace KSh2,150.00 Shop Now
Kelly Star Layered Necklace KSh2,150.00 Shop Now
Haley Round Dangle Earrings KSh1,080.00 KSh1,200.00 Shop Now
Melani Petal Drop Earrings KSh1,440.00 KSh1,600.00 Shop Now
Letter Drop Necklace KSh1,200.00 Shop Now
Aria Gold Plated Bracelet KSh1,750.00 Shop Now
Kelsy Blue Jewellery Set KSh5,550.00 Shop Now
Tasha Infinity Bracelet KSh1,850.00 Shop Now
My Infinite Love Bracelet KSh2,050.00 Shop Now
June Pierced Jewellery Set KSh3,650.00 Shop Now
Loretta Stunning Drop Earrings KSh1,090.00 KSh1,215.00 Shop Now
Harper Emerald Elegant Earrings KSh1,430.00 KSh1,590.00 Shop Now
Elegant Momma Bracelet KSh1,500.00 Shop Now
Sarah Layered Necklace KSh2,050.00 Shop Now
Hazel Drop Earrings KSh1,125.00 KSh1,250.00 Shop Now
Mellow Kia Plain Earrings KSh850.00 KSh950.00 Shop Now
Aubree Violet Necklace KSh1,950.00 Shop Now
Phoebe Pendant with Necklace KSh1,750.00 Shop Now
Tinsley Pearl Stud Earrings KSh1,080.00 KSh1,200.00 Shop Now
Caromay Number 5 Red Earings KSh1,080.00 KSh1,200.00 Shop Now
Mira Circlic Bracelet KSh1,750.00 Shop Now