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Necklaces and Pendants

Shop our wide range of exquisite pendants, necklaces, and even chokers. All our pendants come hanging on a matching chain. 
Nour Love Heart Pendant KSh4,550.00 Shop Now
Silver Love Heart Pendant Sold Out
Katey Heart Shaped Necklace KSh1,200.00 Shop Now
Rose Gold Pulsating Necklace KSh2,200.00 Shop Now
Harris Elegant Necklace KSh2,050.00 Shop Now
Elise Tear Drop Pendant KSh2,150.00 Shop Now
Lorelei Heart shaped Pendant KSh1,000.00 Shop Now
Talia Royale Necklace KSh1,750.00 Shop Now
Alexis Infinity Necklace KSh1,200.00 Shop Now
Maya Deep Skyblue Pendant KSh1,750.00 Shop Now
Julia Oval Drop Necklace KSh1,750.00 Shop Now
New Mom Necklace - Blue KSh1,310.00 Shop Now
Sue Tear Drop Necklace KSh2,500.00 Shop Now
Daisy Fashion Necklace KSh2,150.00 Shop Now
Over The Moon Necklace Sold Out
Daisy Lilac Love Necklace Sold Out
Aster Pink Charm Choker KSh1,200.00 Shop Now
Tembo African Necklace Sold Out
Kanana Afrykah Necklace KSh3,170.00 Shop Now