Fresh flowers, on the regular

Looking for your new favourite self-care habit? Our beautiful, fuss-free flower subscription is for you!
Inspired by the beauty of locally grown flowers, these flowers are guaranteed to brighten your space for 7 days or longer. And you’ll get 10 minutes of mindfulness in each box with our expert flower arranging tips.

How it works

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Classic stems that will infuse the beauty of the season into your living space.

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Wonderfully wild, these bouquets have a playful mix of colours and textures and lengths!

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Need some help?

The questions below might just have the answer you’re looking for!

How does payment work?

For ongoing subscriptions, payment is automatically taken from your nominated account 3 days before delivery. For our 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions, we’ll take the full payment on the day you sign up for it. You can pause or redirect your delivery any time for both subscription types.

When are bouquets sent?

When you buy a monthly subscription, we’ll send a new bouquet every 2 weeks.

Can I choose what bouquet I receive?

Yes, in all our subscriptions you can choose which bouquets we send. For the first delivery, we’ll send a surprise, then for all others you can pick what we send.

How can I pick which flowers I receive?

We’ll send you a reminder a few days before your next delivery is due to ship. Or you can pick your next bouquet at any time once the previous delivery has been delivered.

Which bouquets does my payment plan allow me to choose?

The bouquets you have to choose from are defined by the collection of your subscription, availability on delivery date and whether or not you’ve chosen lily-free. It’s totally free to select your bouquet.

Why have I received a different bouquet to the one I chose?

Very occasionally, we may need to send you a slightly different bouquet to the one you selected if we run into stock/operational issues.