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Your complete quide to buying a ladies handbag that is both practical & beautiful

One way to embark on a Self-love journey is finally deciding to get yourself the bag that you’ve had saved on your Wishlist for quite a while, a new space to stack up all your tricks.  With handbags available in all shapes and sizes under the sun, choosing which one to go for especially online is not easy, & we can all admit to having great misses with this art a couple of times. So here comes your favorite gurus [that’s us] to the rescue with a complete guide on how to shop and pick the best bags online.

 1. A comfortable piece suited to your own taste 

Yes, a handbag, just like your clothing must have a comfort level that you’re happy with. Each part of a bag is important & should come in handy when your priority is a comfortable bag. Here is an illustration of a bags anatomy as well as the comfort key points you should look for when shopping for a bag online, so you don’t have to resent your new bag quickly. 


2.Pockets are really important
Does  the bag just have an empty void inside or does it have pockets? If it has pockets, what kind and how many? What you like will be purse-onal to you  Some might like central divider pockets like this Freya flower mini handbag which is great for organization 

While other might like a hollow space with side pockets like tote bags


 All you have to do is make sure that the pockets design, size & location is directly suited to your personal needs


Size is one of the most important considerations to take into account when investing in a new handbag. The first question you should ask yourself is – what am I buying this handbag for? whether that be a party, work trip or simply a new phase of life... the size matters! 
Let's start with the big guns...these are mostly tote bags, ideal for work or Super moms who needs adequate space to store all the necessary items. These bags also come in handy for slim & tall body types as they go hand in hand with this stature

The small guns on the other hand are ideal for a day or night out as you only need a couple of essential stuff like a phone & some powder for your nose. They also work well with short, plump figures as they do not make you look small 


4.Make sure the bag is versatile 

There are a lot of bags suited for specific purposes (such as an evening bag), but ifyou're looking for an everyday bag, and you tend to be someone who has just one bag that you wear with everything – to everywhere – every day – it needs to be versatile in its design meaning you can switch the look up at without having a tough time

  • It needs to be dressy enough to relate to your work attire.
  • It needs to be soft enough to relate to your casual outfits. 
  • It needs to go with your color palette – so that it does not clash with your outfit.

5.Make it beautiful 

And then there is the design. You’ve got to love the aesthetics a bag gives you as well. Color is one way to achieve this – and so it is best to have a collection of bags in assorted colors. 

A handbag can be plain in design if it is in a fabulous color – color is the hero. 

But if you are going for a black handbag, then it needs to have some extra design details to make it more aesthetically pleasing. if you pick a color you're most drawn to, you'll more than likely find it fits in perfectly with the other items you own, and your own personal styling.

6.You need a Timeless bag 

Trends, trends, trends...  Sometimes we fall victim tofollowing the latest fashion trends without considering if the handbags will suit our purpose,perhaps this is one of the most common mistakes we make because there is always going to be a new trend somewhere in time this is what makes them so hard to keep up with 
Iconsdon’t get made overnight so make sure to pick a bag that will be timeless overtime & a terrific way to start is getting a decent quality handbag or purse. This makes sure that you use this bag for a long time & can guarantee a hand me down to one of your kids or favorite nieces  


    Try to retain the shape of your bag because it goes a long way in how it looks, and as a result how long it lasts you. 
    Sunlight can deteriorate a lot of products, including handbags. Placing your bag in direct sunlight could affect the colour, the texture and the shape of your bag

    Foundation and powder accidents inside a handbag are the worst, so if you have a few make-up essentials that you must carry with you, put them in a smaller make-up bag.
    If something does accidentally spill on your bag, take care of it as soon as possible. Most shoe and handbag stores now sell wipes that you can carry around with you as a quick and convenient solution for small accidents.