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Gifts for Kids

Kids love presents that are custom-made just for them. Stitching their names on backpacks, beach towels, and bean bags adds a special touch to presents for kids. Our personalized gifts for kids collection includes mini furniture such as a play table or rocking chair for a kid's bedroom, toys, dolls, keepsake boxes, and cute apparel. How about a storybook with the child as the main character? These children gifts for boys and girls are sure to delight.

Gifts for every Age

Pink Bunny Baby Box KSh11,650.00 Shop Now
Blue Lion Baby Box KSh14,870.00 Shop Now
Snuggly Pig Lovey Pal KSh2,400.00 Shop Now
Snuggly Horse Lovey Pal KSh2,400.00 Shop Now
Jurrasic Print Kids blanket KSh2,550.00 Shop Now
En-Joy Wow Bracelets (7+Yrs) KSh1,590.00 Shop Now
Smiley Face Savings Tin Sold Out
Fire Water Canon (4+Yrs) Sold Out
Amazing Chemistry (8+Yrs) KSh10,070.00 Shop Now
Little Angel Boy Photo Frame KSh1,850.00 Shop Now
Barbie® House - (3+Yrs) KSh15,090.00 Shop Now
LEGO® Creative Bricks Sold Out
Little Lion Baby Box KSh13,250.00 Shop Now
Monopoly Fortnite - (13+Yrs) KSh8,370.00 Shop Now
Shoppers - (5+Yrs) KSh1,130.00 Shop Now
Pig Wash Cloth and Toy Set KSh1,600.00 Shop Now