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Made In Kenya

Shop our gourmet locally sourced gift items made from environmentally sustainable ingredients. From freshly baked pastries done in small batches to bath and body treats that are sure to refresh. All these gifts items can be shipped internationally to any location of choice. Buy local, and Purpink will deliver to your location.
ArtBakery Slab cake KSh800.00 Shop Now
Personalised Canvas Aprons KSh3,770.00 Shop Now
Mandevu Beard Wash Gift Set Sold Out
Mandevu Beard Brush KSh870.00 Shop Now
Wine & Cheese Gourmet Box KSh10,690.00 Shop Now
The Cracker Shack- Crackers from KSh897.60 Shop Now
Personalised Scented Candle Sold Out
Java Love Cookies, 300g KSh630.00 Shop Now
Warm and Fuzzy Gift Box KSh4,200.00 Shop Now
Assorted Eclairs KSh1,200.00 Shop Now
Relaxing Massage Oil, 200ml KSh1,100.00 Shop Now
Assorted Fruit Cake, 1kg KSh4,350.00 Shop Now
Taste of Africa Gift Hamper KSh3,800.00 Shop Now
Trifle Desserts Cups from KSh2,000.00 Shop Now
Scarf & head Beanies Set KSh1,700.00 Shop Now
Nuba Card Holder KSh1,550.00 Shop Now
Genuine Leather Nuba Belt KSh3,600.00 Shop Now
Face E-Cream, 50ml KSh1,250.00 Shop Now