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Red Flowers

Red is a passionate color that evokes intense emotions. Keep the passion in your relationship alive by having an exquisite bouquet of red roses sent directly to your loved one. If you're looking to make a statement, make one using a bouquet of our deepest red roses. The flowers come in different containers including vases, tea mugsflower boxes, and more. Order today and have Purpink Gifts will deliver your gift for you. We deliver to areas in Kenya such as Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, and more.

Savage Love Rose Package KSh5,880.00 Shop Now
Preserved Trio Red Bella Rose KSh14,950.00 Shop Now
Red Roses Bouquet KSh5,550.00 Shop Now
Seductive Red Roses Bouquet KSh4,550.00 Shop Now
Moscatel Lovers Box KSh8,850.00 Shop Now
Eternal 100 Roses Bouquet from KSh9,500.00 Shop Now
Blooming love Package KSh6,595.00 Shop Now
Exclusive Red Rose Arrangement Sold Out
Red and Pink Rose Bouquet KSh5,800.00 Shop Now
Beauty of Love Flower box KSh4,800.00 Shop Now
Preserved Red Bella Rose KSh11,500.00 Shop Now

What Our Customers Say

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Very classy!

The ideal gift for a male colleague.


Very classy

I really liked the packaging, and the earrings are beautiful.

Perfect! Absolutely loved it.

Great service

The hoodie was customized to my preference, made and delivered the same day in excellent quality.