Endeavor x Purpink Project

Endeavor Kenya approached us with an exciting challenge: to create a welcome pack for their second International Selection Panel (ISP) of 2024, set against the vibrant backdrop of Nairobi, Kenya. This event would bring together visionary founders and mentors from across the globe. The welcome pack needed to reflect the beauty of Kenya and Nairobi while being practical for everyday use. We knew we had to think creatively and come up with custom gifts that would serve a dual purpose.

Our Approach

With these objectives in mind, we designed the "City Under the Sun" gift hamper. Every item in the hamper was consciously made in Kenya, with a focus on sustainability.

The Final Gift

Spring Valley x Endeavor

Kenyan Coffee,

We collaborated with Spring Valley Coffee to create a co-branded bag of coffee for Endeavor. Each meticulously roasted bean showcases the mastery of Kenyan farmers, delivering rich, distinctive flavors that highlight Kenya's renowned coffee heritage.

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Conservation Tea

Kericho Gold Tea

Sourced from the Kericho tea estates, this premium tea blend captures the true taste of Kenya. Each pack supports conservation efforts through the Kenya Wildlife Trust.

Matte Finish Water Bottle, 500ml

This sustainable, eco-friendly water bottle is perfect for the entire safari experience. Given Kenya’s National Parks' ban on plastic bottles, these bottles are ideal for all activities in Kenya and help promote the Endeavor brand worldwide.

Cinnabar Green

Hand Sanitizer, 200ml

Produced by Cinnabar Green, a Kenyan natural cosmetics company committed to environmental responsibility, this is the best-scented hand sanitizer we’ve encountered, made locally in Kenya.

Pink Hippo Apparel

Maasai Fleece Blanket

This blanket blends the traditional African Maasai Shuka with cozy fleece, creating a sustainable piece that feels like a warm hug from the Maasai heritage. It’s perfect for cool evenings or travel, serving as an elegant reminder of incredible Kenyan journeys.

The Kenya Safari Hat

Anticipating a safari tour at Nairobi National Park, we included this hat inspired by legendary safari guides, offering sun protection for thrilling expeditions.

Eco-Friendly Juco Bag

We wrapped all these items in a bag made of a blend of pure cotton and jute. This eco-friendly bag is perfect for daily use, offering both durability and elegance. It promotes a greener lifestyle without compromising on style.

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