Karunguru Coffee Farm Tour

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What happens on the day?


The tour guide welcomes you to the farm, provides an overview of the tour, covers guidelines, and gives background on the farm's history and family.

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Understanding Coffee

An intimate one-on-one session with an expert guide where you get to learn about the different trees, leaves and berry conditions that make the Karunguru coffee special.

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The Harvester's Craft

Watch as the freshly harvested coffee berries undergo meticulous cleaning and sorting, separating the premium beans from any defects.

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Bean Alchemy

Witness the transformed beans as they are carefully dried, have their outer hull removed, and get graded by precise size specifications.

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Coffee Tasting

Expert guides will lead you through the finer points of coffee cupping, allowing you to fully appreciate the craft and skill behind each exceptional cup.

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Lunch & Departure

A 3 course buffet style lunch with a drink that you can enjoy at the 1928 ballroom.

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About the Farm

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The Coffee Farm is located along Kenyatta Road
Gatundu, Kiambu,Kenya
which is approximately 35 minutes from Nairobi's city center.

The entire tour lasts for approximately 3-4 hours.

Transportation is not provided however a location pin will be shared with you prior to the tour and you will have a point person assist you incase of any difficulties.

The coffee farm tour involves quite a bit of walking and standing, with an estimated 10,000 steps covered throughout the experience. While the tour itself is family-friendly, younger children may find the physical demands tiring. We generally recommend this tour for children aged 8 and above to ensure they can comfortably participate and enjoy the full experience. However, we welcome families with younger kids to join, keeping in mind that strollers or frequent breaks may be required for little ones.

Yes! However some processes in the coffee production are considered to be company secret so you might be restricted.

Feel free to carry your phones and cameras and a power bank as well to make sure you are able to capture as many memories as possible!

Hiking shoes or gumboots are the recommended footwear as the coffee farm gets extremely muddy especially during the rainy seasons. Raincoats and umbrellas are also encouraged.

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