5 interesting Facts About Sunflowers

by Annabel Ogango

Sunflowers are an excellent choice to brighten up her day. They are big, bright and absolutely gorgeous. Here are some fun facts about these stunning summer flowers 


1. Sunflowers have a variety of colours 

A universal belief is that all sunflowers are yellow. The fact is, sunflowers are available in a variety of colours including white, red, purple, orange and some are even multicoloured.  

The common colour, yellow, is the preferred colour to use on flower arrangements to cheer someone up. Let her enjoy the unrelenting beauty of these flowers for days by sending her a bouquet today. Check out our variety here

2. The whole sunflower is edible 

All parts of the sunflower are edible from the flower down to the root. The petals can be used as part of your salad ingredients. The seeds can be roasted with salt and eaten as a snack. Sunflower sprouts are also perfect to use as garnish on your soups or fries 

3. Sunflowers vary in height 

The average height of sunflowers is 5ft to 10ft. However, we also have dwarf sunflowers such as Little Becka that are less than 3 feet tall.  

Tall sunflowers range from 12ft to 16ft tall and include the Sunforest mix & Russian Mammoth. The tallest one in the world measured 30ft and 1 inch in height.  

4. Sunflowers contain thousands of seeds 

The middle part of the sunflower contains between 1500 to 2000 seeds. The seeds can either grow into new flowers or they can be used as food for both birds and humans 

Oil seeds in the plant serve as food for the birds. The popular sunflower oil is also extracted from these 

Non-oil seeds serve as food for us. They’re best eaten when roasted with salt 

5. Sunflowers clean contaminated soils 

Planting sunflowers is beneficial to the environment. These beautiful flowers not only provide aesthetic value but are also able to detox soils from harmful toxins such as zinc, lead, arsenic and copper among others.  

Now that you know about these flowers with unique beauty, why not brighten your home with a bouquet of fresh sunflowers which guarantee a vase of life of up to 12 days. 

Sunflowers are our 2021 flowers of the year. Watch out for new beautiful sunflower bouquets coming your way  

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