7 Tips to consider when finding the perfect gift for someone special.

by Diana Bett

We all love gifts especially when they come from special people in our lives. The ultimate goal of gifting should always be to bring joy and bliss both to the giver and the receiver. That said, there are a number of things one can keep in mind during their quest to find the perfect gift to give someone special. 

Below, we share with you some of the tips to consider when finding the perfect gift for someone special: - 

1. Think of the recipient. 

Gifting is all about cementing the relationship so, before finding the perfect gift, know the recipient. By this I do not mean superficially, rather, be aware of their personality, interests and/ or what they love to do with their free time. This calls for the existence of relationship between the two of you whether its friendship, love and/ or family.

2. Revisit the past. 

Just in case finding the perfect gift is turning tedious and frustrating, a great way to come up with just the right pick is looking to the past for inspiration. Focus on special moments, photographs or mind shared experiences. These will provide you with the right ideas to choose from. Maybe get the photos framed or printed on a keepsake.

3. It’s not always about the money. 

A common misconception is that expensive gifts are the best. However, you do not have to break your bank account to find the perfect gift and compromising on the quality should never be an option. Try to find a gift that is relatable to the recipient, one that they will connect with on a personal level. While you’re at it, also look for something meaningful, creative and unique to the recipient. 

4. Add a special touch. 

When it comes to adding a special touch to the gift, how about having it personalised with a special message from just you. This could be in the form of a card, an engraving or personalisation on the gift. The message really doesn’t have to be a long one, it’s the thought that count; simplicity is sophistication!  

5. Do some stalking. 

I have to leave a disclaimer here that this should be a last resort after every other thing is threatening to not work. What better way to find information than on social media? Go through their social media accounts, I am sure you will land an idea there, just do not make this a habit. 

6. The element of surprise. 

Gifts are most times given unexpectedly. The recipient is never in the loop of their coming. Please let’s keep this spirit up. Whether it gets to the recipient early enough or later, surprise brings a whole new concept to the idea. At Purpink, we have mastered the art of relaying your surprise deliveries to your loved ones.

7. Prepare well in advance. 

Even though last minute rushes are always encouraged in the event of unprecedented occasions, you may want to prepare well in advance especially if the gift requires some preparation and especially when you require it to be delivered to that special someone. But just in case you always forgot, we got tons of same day delivery gift options that will appear premeditated. 


There you have it! We leave you with these 7 tips to ease in your quest to finding the perfect gift for someone special. 


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