Celebrate Women & Womanhood with these 6 Excellent Gift Ideas

by Annabel Ogango

Women’s day is a special day dedicated to recognizing the achievements of women, promoting women’s rights and equality among genders. It is also a day to celebrate women and what better way to do this than to present them thoughtful gifts they will enjoy?

Gift giving is an art that if well crafted, will touch the recipients in a huge manner. Celebrate the women in your life through recognising their successes, their existence, and their importance in various capacities through the power and joy of gifting. The following are awesome gift ideas for women in Nairobi and across Kenya:

Paint Them Happy

A flower bouquet arranged in a flower vase

It is never too feminine if it makes her giggle, laugh, and brighten with joy. Flowers are at the top of this list because they speak for themselves and for you. The message you are trying to pass forth to her is well represented by the bouquet you pick just for her. The beauty of flowers, the softness of petals and the blooming prettiness makes bouquets a special gift to give women on women’s day. They are appropriate to gift a sister, a mom, a wife, a colleague, your female boss, etcetera. Flowers add colour and joy to life, which makes them a pretty cool and appreciative gift to give women on women’s day.

Gifts that Say I am Rooting for you

These are meaningful gifts to give the woman in your life who is about to accomplish something new. They may also be working toward improving themselves career wise, academic wise, health wise or socially. They may be aiming at other levels of self-improvement, which you will notice they have set goals around. Depending on their goals currently, you can celebrate them by giving them gifts that help them feel encouraged to overcome any challenges they may face on their current journey.

 Below are examples:

  • A fitness tracker for the woman trying to get to specific fitness goals
  • A time marked water bottle they can use to monitor their daily and nightly water intake
  • A diary or planner that will help them to stay organised in their new position and fit into new roles seamlessly
  • Comfortable jogging shoes if she is currently jogging in the morning as her first activity of the day

Pretty Little Things

I am talking about jewellery! From the little go to bracelet to the shiny earrings or a dainty necklace, she will always enjoy a new piece from a friend, a husband, a work colleague turned friend, a sister, cousin, dad or mom. All this to say, a fashion piece goes a great way not only to elevate her sense of style but to bring happiness into her life. Gift her with pieces she can wear anywhere.

Pamper the Lady

A lady in a massage session

At this age and time, the ‘strong African woman’ archetype should be a distant myth. Get her all the spa time she needs, massages, mani-pedis, and spa hampers. Get her into a new skin care routine because you want her to be relaxed, stress free and happy. The gift of relaxing is thoughtful and shows that you care about her wellbeing. It is important to catch a breath and make time for oneself outside other demands surrounding jobs, and family life. The spa is the best place to unwind. Aside from this, you can step in to cover some of her daily chores as she rests especially if Acts of Service is one of her love languages. She will highly enjoy the treatment.

Bring Scent into Her life

Whether it is in the form of luxurious perfumes, scented candles, room diffusers, these are gifts that celebrate women and womanhood. Women and men alike like to smell good. Women like their houses to have an inviting scent. The scents can also be incorporated in their office spaces to create conditions suitable for relaxing and working to enhance productivity levels.

Celebrate the charm women naturally carry by gifting them perfume. A woman that likes the scent she is wearing will be more confident, happier, and all-round bubbly.

Tick Tock

A set of 3 ladies' watches

 Your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, best friend, or any female relative you are close to will enjoy a gift of a statement watch. The gift of a reliable time piece is always welcomed.


Celebrating women is important because it makes us reflect upon the contributions the women in our lives bring. It helps us recognise areas that need improvement in the gender gap discussions. It is a happy day to gauge how far we have improved as Kenya on issues such as education of the girl child, equality in the workspace, eradication of domestic violence which is mostly perpetuated by male partners against female counterparts, and ways these things can change for the better. 

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