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Top 5 Things to Consider When Sending Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting is a great opportunity to strengthen your business relationship with other companies, grow your business, appreciate your employees and also showcase how your brand is different from other brands. To ensure you do everything right, here are a few things to consider before buying corporate gifts 

Corporate Gifting Policies 

Corporate gifting is always well intentioned. However, there exists a possibility of inappropriateness or an appearance of inappropriateness. To ensure everything runs smoothly, consider the corporate gifting policies of the organisation before buying and sending any gifts. 

All codes of conduct for corporate gifting require the employees to maintain high standards of conduct. They should treat all people fairly including vendors, supplies, customers, clients and other people who have dealings with the company.  

The codes of conduct are applicable when giving and receiving gifts. 

Cultural Differences 

Whether you are sending corporate gifts in Nairobi, outside Kenya or to a company with foreign employees, it is best to research their culture before sending any gift item. Some gifts may offend the recipients, thus ruining your business relationship. On the other hand, the gifts may be perfect but the wrapping is inappropriate.  

Conduct thorough research beforehand or ask your client about any reservations they may have so that you can take this into consideration as you plan on what to gift. 

Know Your Client 

It is crucial to get the right gift to your client. You would not want them to put it away for months because they have no use for it. Before sending any gift item, get to know your client well. You can even give them a call if necessary, to get any information that will be useful to you. Find out what they like and dislike then think of a practical gift to give them. 

Get Quality Products 


When it comes to corporate gifting, always get quality products. The quality of the gift will reflect on your company and since you want to maintain your good reputation, you need to ensure you get the best. You do not need to go over your budget. With good research, you can be able to find a practical gift of good quality  

Gift Packaging 

Choosing the right packaging is just as important as choosing the right gift. First impressions are important hence make sure the packaging is just right. It can be very simple and elegant and of course, packaged as a gift item. Take into consideration the background of the recipients.  

At Purpink, we have just the right packaging for your gifts. Professional and classy, our gift presentation will no doubt exceed your gifting expectations. We have customized ribbons and you also get to choose the type of packaging you would like. 

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The Bottom Line 

Time and effort are required to research the right corporate gifts to give to your employees or business partners. The gift will give an impression to the recipient about your company hence you should ensure everything is of high quality and up to standard. Be sure to go through the corporate gifting policies for a smooth process. 



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