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Baby & Kids

Looking for an adorable gift for a baby and kids? Find them in our catalog of sweet presents for babies that even mom and dad will love. Check out our colorful and soft bath towels that can be personalized, plush stuffed animals with secret compartments, quilts and keepsake wall art. We also have gifts for teenagers and young ones.

It's a Boy A6 Card KSh150.00 Shop Now
Pig Wash Cloth and Toy Set Sold Out
Mickey Mouse Keychain KSh450.00 Shop Now
Monopoly Classic Game KSh4,981.00 KSh5,860.00 Shop Now
Cow Washcloth and Toy Set KSh2,040.00 KSh2,400.00 Shop Now
Baby Balm 100ml KSh1,012.00 KSh1,190.00 Shop Now
The Galaxy Baby Crawling Padded Floor Mat KSh2,763.00 KSh3,250.00 Shop Now
My First Puzzle- Wild Animals KSh2,040.00 KSh2,400.00 Shop Now
Minnie Mouse Keychain KSh450.00 Shop Now
Baby Oil 200ml KSh1,462.00 KSh1,720.00 Shop Now
Cool Lion Kids Insulated Lunch Bag KSh675.00 KSh750.00 Shop Now
Under Sea World Kids Play/Crawl Mat KSh2,763.00 KSh3,250.00 Shop Now
Cute Starbucks Keychain KSh450.00 Shop Now
Snuggly Cow Lovey Pal KSh2,040.00 KSh2,400.00 Shop Now
Bambino Baby Boy Card Sold Out
Squidgame Doll Keychain KSh450.00 Shop Now
Perfectly Natural Baby Soap 60g KSh200.00 KSh230.00 Shop Now
Fire Water Canon (4+Yrs) KSh1,920.00 Shop Now
Eeyore Money Bank KSh3,000.00 Shop Now
LEGO® Creative Bricks KSh3,732.00 KSh4,390.00 Shop Now
Cute Mr Krabs Keychain KSh450.00 Shop Now