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Baby & Kids

Looking for an adorable gift for a baby and kids? Find them in our catalog of sweet presents for babies that even mom and dad will love. Check out our colorful and soft bath towels that can be personalized, plush stuffed animals with secret compartments, quilts and keepsake wall art. We also have gifts for teenagers and young ones.

It's a Boy A6 Card KSh150.00 Shop Now
Amazing Chemistry (8+Yrs) KSh10,070.00 Shop Now
En-Joy Wow Bracelets (7+Yrs) KSh1,590.00 Shop Now
Baby Balm 100ml KSh1,190.00 Shop Now
Barbie® House - (3+Yrs) KSh15,090.00 Shop Now
La Femme Pink Butterfly Journal from KSh650.00 Shop Now
Monopoly Fortnite - (13+Yrs) KSh8,370.00 Shop Now
Baby Boy Package KSh3,090.00 Shop Now
Baby Oil 200ml KSh1,720.00 Shop Now
Jurrasic Print Kids blanket KSh2,550.00 Shop Now
Disney Frozen Photo Frame. KSh2,900.00 Shop Now
Mattel Pictionary Air Game KSh6,890.00 Shop Now
Fire Water Canon (4+Yrs) KSh1,920.00 Shop Now
Dachshund Soft Woobie KSh1,800.00 Shop Now
Cow Washcloth and Toy Set KSh2,400.00 Shop Now