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Puzzled by what to give the gamer on your list? The solution is easy! Just browse our selection of fun games for kids and adults. Our collection offers hours of great game and puzzle fun, with brain puzzles, family games, and distinctive diversions for your next get-together.

Monopoly Classic Game KSh4,981.00 KSh5,860.00 Shop Now
Kumiliki Property Game KSh5,150.00 Shop Now
Classic Jenga Game KSh4,650.00 Shop Now
Harvey's Board Games - Draughts Game KSh3,273.00 KSh3,850.00 Shop Now
What Do You Meme? KSh6,860.00 Shop Now
Disney 12 Cubes Cars KSh2,800.00 Shop Now
Pocket Bowling Game KSh1,650.00 Shop Now
Playmobil Knights Jousting Carry Case KSh2,763.00 KSh3,250.00 Shop Now
Hasbro Gaming- RISK! KSh7,500.00 Shop Now
Mickey and the Roadster Racers Puzzle. KSh2,380.00 KSh2,800.00 Shop Now
Playmobil Mars Rover Toy - (6+Yrs) KSh2,423.00 KSh2,850.00 Shop Now
Shoppers - (5+Yrs) KSh1,130.00 Shop Now
Fire Water Canon (4+Yrs) KSh1,920.00 Shop Now
Horse Tack Shop - (5+Yrs) KSh5,040.00 Shop Now
Harvey's Bored Games - Booze Pong KSh1,020.00 KSh1,200.00 Shop Now