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Holiday Travel Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift or carry-along item for your festive travels and vacays? Look no further. We have a collection of travel accessories, fun games and much more to make your holiday travels fun and memorable.
Kumiliki Property Game KSh5,150.00 Shop Now
Monopoly Classic Game KSh4,981.00 KSh5,860.00 Shop Now
Classic Jenga Game KSh4,650.00 Shop Now
What Do You Meme? KSh6,860.00 Shop Now
Harvey's Board Games - Draughts Game KSh3,273.00 KSh3,850.00 Shop Now
Harvey's Bored Games - Booze Pong KSh1,020.00 KSh1,200.00 Shop Now
Harvey's Bored Games - Chess Game KSh2,975.00 KSh3,500.00 Shop Now
My First Puzzle- Wild Animals KSh2,040.00 KSh2,400.00 Shop Now
Pocket Bowling Game KSh1,403.00 KSh1,650.00 Shop Now
The Gaming Man Crate KSh23,270.00 Shop Now
On Ear Wired Headphones KSh2,500.00 Shop Now
Portable Bluetooth Boombox Sold Out
Vinglace Original Coral Wine Chiller KSh19,125.00 KSh25,500.00 Shop Now
'Explore' Phone Wallet KSh550.00 Shop Now