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I'm Sorry Flowers | Send Apology Flowers

Apologies are not always the easiest, and our pride makes sure of that. Ease the situation by making use of Purpink Gift's services. We have designed a special range of flower bouquets to say the words you've been reluctant to say before. Easily apologize with roses, carnations, lilies, and more! Purpink will deliver your gift across the country wherever it needs to go. From Nairobi town to other towns in Kenya including Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret just to mention a few. 
The Poppy Bouquet KSh1,650.00 Shop Now
Sweet Pea Mixed Rose Package KSh1,950.00 Shop Now
The Amara Package KSh3,250.00 Shop Now
Orange & White Radiant Rose KSh1,650.00 Shop Now
Mixed White Flowers KSh4,850.00 Shop Now
The Emmy Bouquet KSh1,950.00 Shop Now
Red Roses and White Mums Bouquet from KSh1,300.00 Shop Now
Premium Fairtrade White Roses from KSh1,350.00 Shop Now
Radiant Orange Rose Bouquet KSh1,350.00 Shop Now
Mixed mums & Lily Bouquet KSh2,950.00 Shop Now
Premium Flower Arrangement KSh2,950.00 Shop Now
Exclusive Pink Rose from KSh1,350.00 Shop Now
Burst of Brilliance Bouquet KSh3,700.00 Shop Now
Happy Blooms Rose Bouquet KSh3,700.00 Shop Now
Exclusive Yellow Roses from KSh1,350.00 Shop Now
Twist of Love Bouquet KSh3,700.00 Shop Now
Mixed Blush Bouquet KSh1,600.00 Shop Now
The Hazel KSh7,650.00 Shop Now