25 Unique Gifts For Her She Will Love

When it comes to finding a gift for the special women in your life, like your dotting girlfriend, hard working wife, hilarious co worker, dedicated mother in law or your mom, the best gifts for her are more about making a meaningful gesture (of course it needs to look amazing for the gram😊!) You want to gift her something truly thoughtful, like a personalized gift. Best part? There are tons of unique gift ideas for any woman in your life that will fit into your budget.

And might we add: You definitely don’t need a special occasion like her birthday, or Women’s Day or even the start of a new job to find a great gift for her. A just because present is always welcome - and even more impactful than a prompted expected one. 

And we know how stressful it is coming up with the perfect gift for her, with that in mind, we have share 25 Unique gifts for her that she will definitely love.


1. Lana Sweetheart Hobo Bag

She has definitely seen this bag on Lupita’s wrist, and been dying to get one herself. Perfect for the trendy fashionista, she will be grinning from ear to ear on unboxing this one. 

Lana Sweetheart Hobo Bag


2. Monthly Flower Subscription

Who doesn't love to show off a vibrant bouquet at home or on insta? This mixed bouquet subscription is a great gift when you want to send your partner something meaningful and stunning, just like her! Have fresh flowers delivered to her doorstep each month, and just watch as her face lights up every time she sees a new batch of flowers delivered. Bliss.



3. Love Life Mug & Coaster Set - Start The Day

The cup and coaster set states "Start the day with a smile and end it with a kiss" — and there's nothing more powerful than a dose of motivation with your morning cup of coffee, right?

Love Life Mug & Coaster Set - Start The Day


4. Frida Leopard Glass Trinket Box

For all her most treasured trinkets, this beautiful large glass Leopard box from our Frida collection is sure to add sophistication and style to her dressing table. And some marks for you too! Best BFF gift to have her smiling from ear to ear. 

Frida Leopard Glass Trinket Box

5. The Gorgeous Girlfriend Hamper

You can never go wrong with a gift hamper. The gorgeous girlfriend hamper contains some lip kit, chocolates, warm socks and amazingly scented candle. Easily remind her how much you care for her. Send this randomly when she needs a pick-me-up, and she will be cheered up for sure. 

The Gorgeous Girlfriend Hamper

6. Painting by Numbers 

This gorgeuos DIY canvas kit paints a peaceful scene of a relaxing beach front that will turn your girlfriend's place into a nature oasis and remind her of the tranquil times. It makes a great housewarming gift, too.

DIY Romance Painting by Numbers


7. Revolution Pro HD eyeshadow palette

If your girlfriend is a makeup fan, trust that this eyeshadow palette is on her wish list. This palette is great for daytime or night time looks and is guaranteed to make her gorgeous glow even more beautiful (yes, that is possible!). Be sure to add a box of chocolates for the extra surprise. 

Revolution Pro HD eyeshadow palette amplified innovations

8. The Most Wonderful Time Diffuser Pine & Cypress

This amazing scent will kickstart her festive season preps in a day. Perfect for your amazing mom or best friend, she will think of you and smile everytime the scent waffles through her house. 

The Most Wonderful Time 50ml Diffuser Pine & cypress


9. Ridley's Games Room Famous Women Trivia Quiz

We are all about empowering the women in our lives, but the phenomenal women in this game will inspire her every day. She will be ecstatic about all the big names, present and future, and you will be building up a strong girl! 


Ridley's Games Room Famous Women Trivia Quiz


10. Pink Cubitt Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

Help her keep track of her fitness goals with this multi functional smart watch with a heart rate monitor. She will be pleasantly surprised, and will think about you every time she lifts her wrist up to check how well she is doing. 

Pink Cubitt Smart Watch Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor

11. Lovebug Red Giant Teddy Bear

He’s more than a big friendly teddy. He’s a way to say “I love you more than ever!” Stuffed with love using plush fur, soft fabric details and 100% recycled stuffing. A hug for when you cannot be there. 

Lovebug Red Giant Teddy Bear - 100cm

12. Personalised red sequin throw pillow

This personalised pillow is the perfect gift for her, especially if it comes bearing her photo, and a cute message. This pillow will definitely be a treasured gift that reminds her of you. Make them a pair and have the wittiest message you can think of for a blown up laugh! 


13. Personalised Helium Balloon- Special Day

A floating helium balloon will bring out the child in her. Get her this personalized helium bubble and watch her face light up. She will be excited for days to come just looking at it. How about you start with a Happy Monday balloon? I know the Monday blues wouldn’t survive then. 

Personalised Helium Bubble- Special Day



14. Purpink Gift Card

Still not sure what she would like? A gift card will help her checkout her wishlist immediately. She gets to choose her favorite gifts, and take notes, so next time you can surprise her with what she likes.

Purpink Kes 20,000 Gift Card

15. The Honeybee Roses & Ferrero Package

This amazing flower hamper comes with white honeybee roses and a Ferrero chocolate truffle package that you can personalise with the her name to make it even more special. The best way to strengthen your relationship with her and lift her mood.

Honeybee Roses & Ferrero Package


16. Patterned Warm Sherpa Blanket

There's no better feeling than getting cosy and lazy in a warm blanket during the cold weather. And with this Sherpa Blanket, the experience just becomes far much greater. Help her beat the cold with this soft luxurious fleece blanket.

Patterned Warm Sherpa Blanket


17. Personalised A5 Blossom Monogram & Name Notebook

If she's the office person or you have noticed she loves jotting down stuff, this would the best gift for her. This notebook will help her keep all her notes, ideas and plans in one place.

Personalised A5 Blossom Monogram & Name Notebook


18. Fleece Bath robe

Indulge her in a fleece bath robe that makes her feel like a queen every time she steps out of the shower. Make it more unique by personalising it with a sweet text, her name or her initials.

Personalised fleece bath robe


19. Throw Pillow - Dreamy Thought

Add fun, warmth and depth to her living space with a throw pillow. Add her name onto the cover to make her know that you are always thinking and 'dreaming' about her every night.

Throw Pillow


20. Marley Crossbody Shoulder bag

Every lady loves a classy look and this Cross body shoulder bag gives her just that. It's not only trendy but also light enough to carry all of her essentials. Elegant and simple.

Cross body shoulder bag


21. Elderflower Fizz Body Mist

Pamper her with a bath & body gift like the Elderflower Fizz Body Mist. She'll definitely love this mist as it is fast-drying, non-sticky and provides a beautiful fragrance of up to 4 hours.

Elderflower Fizz Body Mist 150ml


22. I LOVE WELLNESS Essential Oil Pack

 Gift her room diffusers in the form of an I LOVE WELLNESS Essential Oil Pack. Made with naturally derived ingredients, these unique blends of essential oils  bring a freshness to her home and can even be used for pulse point massaging.

I LOVE Wellness Essential Oil Pack


23. Celebrations Cut Out Photo Frame 

Show your love for her by treasuring your special moments together with this Cut Out Photo Frame. What makes it more special is that it comes with an "I Love You" message on a grey baton plinth. She will definitely think of you every time she sees this frame.

Celebrations Cut Out Photo Frame - I Love You


24. My Infinite Love Bracelet

Looking for a gift that symbolises your infinite love for her? Look no further than this bracelet. Get this for your girlfriend, bestie or sister to show your unwavering love and loyalty for them. They come in a rose gold colour and have white crystals. 

My Infinite Love Bracelet

25. Sophia Gold Plated Necklace with Engravable Pendant

 A gorgeous gold plated necklace with engravable round pendant. A really thoughtful necklace with her name on it, she will not take it off.

Sophia Gold Plated Necklace with Engravable Pendant 

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