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How to make your fresh flowers last longer

It is said that, ‘a flower a day keeps gloom away.’ That said, many people find it a difficult task to keep a flower bouquet fresh for a while longer.  Below are some of our top tips that you could employ to keep them looking bright and lovely for some days.

1. Prepping the vase.                                                                             
Ensuring that your vase is just the perfect home for your flowers is a must do. Wash your vase with hot water and some bleach. Allow it to naturally dry.

Why? The hot water and bleach keep any bacteria that can affect the flowers at bay. Allowing the vase to naturally dry an extra measure to ensure no bacteria gets into the vase.

2. Trimming the stems.                                                                             
Flower stems generally seal off their ends after staying out of water for a while. Trim your stem-ends at an angle (preferably 45 degrees) and ½ inches from the ends. You can re-trim them again when you change the water.

Why? Re-trimming removes tissue at the tips that may be broken down and exposes fresh tissue.To trim use sharp scissors or a sharp knife. A sharp knife or scissors will guarantee a clean cut. Dull ones smash and press the stem ends and this will damage tissue cells

3. Removing leaves.                                                                                   
Strip-off all leaves below the water line. 

Why? This is an extra measure to keep bacteria away and the leaves from yellowing.

Use lukewarm water for cut flowers. You also want to ensure that you change the water frequently (after every 2-3 days)

Why? There is less oxygen in lukewarm water and this prevents air bubbles from entering into the stem as this could block water uptake. The frequent water change will keep bacteria that may build up as the stem sits in water at bay.

4. The flower food.                                                                                       
Purpink Gifts
 will include a packet of flower food in every bouquet of flowers that you purchase. An average sachet of flower food will contain bleach (antibacterial), sugar (food) and citric acid (acidifier) and these components are added to about 1 litre of water.For additional flower food, you can mix 1 teaspoon of sugar with 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon bleach to ¼ cup of warm water.

5. Vase environment.                                                                                   
Place your vase of fresh flowers in a cool spot. Keep your flowers away from fruit bowls. 

Why? Ripening fruits emit ethylene gas which is harmful to a vase of fresh flowers as it causes them to droop and reduces their vase -life

6. Regular checks.                                                                                 
Regularly check your vase of flowers. Remove any dead leaves and trim the stem ends

Why? Appearance of discolouring water is a sign that water needs to be changed to prolong the vase-life.