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Why Writing Down Your Goals is Crucial to Accomplishing Them in 2022

Why Writing Down Your Goals is Crucial to Accomplishing Them in 2022

By this time of the year, you have had a full month to contemplate all you need to do or achieve in the following 11 months. It may seem overwhelming when you think about all you need to do. Planners and diaries assist you to put it down on paper in an organised structure. You will be able to set your priorities straight as well.

A new year is like a fresh start. It begins with a lot of re-evaluation, strategizing, goal setting, and planning. Well set goals are easier to accomplish and a clearly laid out strategy will motivate you to act, accomplish tasks, and realise your dreams.

When you write what is required of you, it makes it simpler to commit to it. 

Why Are Diaries Better For Keeping Track of Your Goals?

Planners,diaries, and organisers help you to stay on top of things. You will be able to plan your day, week, or month and track what you have accomplished by the end of set timeframes. They function as the accountability partner you always have access to.

Diaries Increase your Productivity Levels

Having a diary keeps you accountable for what you need to accomplish every single day. When you have this in focus, it is easier to accomplish responsibilities than when you do not.

They Increase Your Self Awareness

Keeping a diary allows you to discover your strengths and weaknesses on areas such as work ethic. With the awareness comes a chance for improvement when you decide to work on your weak areas. For instance, if you discover you tend to procrastinate after 12, you will plan your schedule to allocate early morning hours to more mentally involving tasks.

They Help to Avoid Procrastination

If one of the things you struggle to do is stick to a work plan, a diary or planner will assist you to be more accountable and ensure you get everything done on time. This is especially important if you have always found it difficult to meet deadlines in the past.

Our Top 4 Diaries & Planners

With that said, here are our top 4 diaries and planners you can get yourself or a loved one. We have quiet a range for you to choose from. They vary in size, design, and layout. More exciting is, you get to have these diaries at a 20% discounted price!

Small Pocket Size Diaries

Pocket Size Diary

These pocket size diaries measure 8.3 cm in width and 17 cm in length. Pocket size diaries are conveniently portable. They are the perfect size for you if you prefer carryng small to medium sized bags, smaller stationery such as this one.

Writing is important because once you put your goals down on paper, there is a higher likelihood you will be able to achieve them. Our 2022 diaries have a section for the day, a calendar, and they can be personalised with your name for that personal touch.

Medium A5 Diaries

A5 Diary

The A5 diaries measure 15 cm in width and 21.3 cm in length. A5 diaries are bigger than pocket size diaries but smaller than B5 diaries. These are appropriate gifts for any lady who has a work schedule to meet or for personal use. They are the perfect assets to make your new year plan. You will be able to guide your steps, thoughts, and objectives. Get yourself one either in pink, black, grey, or a floral pattern.

Big B5 Diaries

 B5 Diary

These diaries measure 17.3 cm in width  by 24.3 cm length. These are big diaries for a person who has a lot to plan for the day, week, or month. Once you have the major events for the year written down, you will be able to plan for the other days and set goals within the time left.

Their size allows them to double up as journaling spaces. Aside from your plan for the day, you can have this diary as an end of day journal where you reflect on what you have been able to do on a particular day, the highlights of the day, and new discoveries you made about different things.


Week Planners


Have you noticed that you keep forgetting the important dates? Having a planner will be a solid reminder for you to keep track of all the birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, as well as to dos.

The planner measures 10.8 cm in width by 29.5 cm in length. The first page of these gorgeous planners has a section where you can write your personal details. It serves as a portable calender too, as it has the 2022 and 2023 full calenderl. You can check days when you have meetings, or preplanned celebrations so that you can plan yourself accordingly.

It also has a provision for contacts, you can record names, emails, and phone numbers of friends, family or business contacts. No more suddenly losing all your contacts because your phone crashed. Each week page has a section where you can write priorities for the week, and notes.

The week planner is important in creating a weekly schedule. With a week planner, you will be able to indicate essential commitments you have made with friends or for work. Never miss out on important holidays, birthdays, and events that you need to plan for. Choose either black, green, or blue depending with your preference.

Stay organised with one of our organisers, notebooks, or planners this year. Your future self will thank you! Get same day delivery in Nairobi and next day delivery to other towns in Kenya with Purpink's online gift delivery.