The Best Time to Send Holiday Gifts to Clients

You have spent a lot of time searching through the gifts to give to your clients. After putting in so much effort, you would love to hear that your gift was appreciated by the recipient. To ensure you make an impact, you not only need to be considerate of the gift you buy but also when you send the gift. When should you send out your client holiday gifts?

Early December

Being on time is something very important when it comes to gifting clients. Sending out the gifts early shows consideration and thoughtfulness on your part. The first week of December is the perfect time to do this. Your clients have already got into the holiday mood so receiving a gift at this time will be highly appreciated.

New Year

If you are not able to send out your gift Early December, do not worry. You can still send out your gift during the new year. This is the other preferred time to send the gifts compared to Christmas time. Why? During Christmas, most company staff are out of the office. In addition to this, they may be receiving many gifts from other places hence your gift may not really have an impact on the recipient. 

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