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Top 7 Ideas To Celebrate Women’s Day In the Office

International Women’s day is a day to remind everyone in the office the importance of women in the work place and outside the workplace. It is a time to share stories of women who have a great impact in your line of business and encourage other female employees to follow in their footsteps. It is also an opportunity to celebrate women in your place of work and recognise each of their contributions.

The following are ideas of how this can be done in an office setting:

1.    Host a Small Office Party

Celebrate the women in the office by hosting a small office party. The staff can bring snacks to be shared or the office can hire a caterer for the event. This will be a more personal gesture than just sending an email. This will make the women feel more appreciated.

2.    Play Games

Make it a competitive day with women themed games. You can decide to organize board games or other activities in the office space. An interesting game you can engage in is identifying notable deeds done by Kenyan Women. Organise everyone into two teams and see which team identifies more women who have done recognizable deeds. This is one way to recognise the sacrifices they have made and honour their achievements and their impact to their communities and Kenya in general. Make it more fun by awarding the top scorers.

3.    Gift female colleagues

Gifts are a warm way to appreciate women colleagues during women’s day. Nice International Women’s Day gifts for employees are include:

  • Office art

  • Picture frames

  • Books

  • Potted desk plants

  • Experience gifts

  • Laptop sleeve bags, shoulder bags, and backpacks

  • Apparel throw covers

  • House deco

  • Gift hampers

  • Gift cards

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4.    Organize a Female Led Workshop

A group of women at a workshop

Book a female speaker with an inspirational message for all employees. A talk is a great way to keep female employees motivated and engaged. The speaker can be a great achiever or leader in the same industry you work in. They will be able to shed light on their journey

5.    Awards

Best female employee of the week. The most achieving female employee, best team player of the month or week and any other awards you can up with. It will be a great time to show appreciation to every woman in the office by highlighting their best traits and contributions. Everyone has something to offer, and this is a chance to commend the women in the office on their personal contributions.

6.    Have Fun with a dress code

Have a dress code for everyone at the office. Having a theme that involves everyone will put you all in the moment of celebrating women. You can choose to wear one color or two colors only, paired according to an individual’s taste. Aside from the absolute jolliness this will bring, it also symbolizes a sense of togetherness and support for the women in the workspace.

Your female workers or colleagues are part of your work team every day. You spend a huge chunk of time together and therefore it is only important to celebrate them as a team in the office. Aside from matching colors, you can also decide to all dress as your female role models or a female you admire.

7.    Female Authors Book club

Arrange a book club where you will choose a female authored book, read it during the week leading to International women’s day, and discuss your views after. Bonding over literature and prose is a great way to create room for listening and embracing different viewpoints brought about from the themes of the book.

Above all remember to appreciate, with words of affirmation, all the women in the office space who make your days better through the support they offer you.