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Top Forest Excavations you have to visit In Kenya

Each day the forest has something special to offer. Occasionally, we all need to take a break away from all the norms of our everyday lives and routine; to relax, unwind and immerse ourselves in blissful peace, minus any agendas 
A forest is the perfect escape to the pristine wilderness, that promises uninterrupted moments of natural, calm, unhindered & enchanting views to savor every moment. 

Here are 5 top forest excavations that you should visit;

Karura Forest; The concrete jungle 
Accessories to carry to the forest

Located in the periphery of Nairobi City, Friends of Karura forest is a 20-minute drive from the Nairobi CBD. This one has been around for quite a while and is a great way to experience nature as well as history at the same time, The late Professor Wangari Maathai fought endless battles to help save the forest from illegal encroachers in the 90’s. Her actions & brave sacrifices impact natures conservation immensely as many can attest! 

Interesting spots at the karura reserve 

  • Archaeological sites whose artifacts are currently under study, this would prove to be a great learning activity for the whole family 
  •  A 15-meter waterfall which roars with sheer volumes of water after a previous rainy day 
  •  A Stone quarry pond deserted ages ago, now termed as the Lily Lake 
  • An old chimney incinerator previously owned by the Central Bank of Kenya which was used to destroy decommissioned legal tenders up to the mid-   1990s 
    Sacred caves acclaimed to be hideouts for Mau-mau freedom fighters during their quest for national freedom from the British colonialists.
  • Sacred caves acclaimed to be hideouts for Mau-mau freedom fighters during their quest for national freedom from the British colonialists. 
  • Marshlands that host birds migrating from Asia and Europe 

Accessories to carry for a road trip

Better known as The Forest,makes you wonder , have you ever wanted to feel like Tarzan in the jungle swinging from treetop to tree top? The Forest at Kereita is the place to experience this. Offering options of 2 or 6 zip lines (go for the 6-line option is what we did), you will not regret. The adrenaline rush is worth it. 
The forest also offers more great activities for a whole family to enjoy 

Interesting activities at The Forest 

  • Flying fox zipline tour 
  •  Mountain biking 
  •  Paint balling  
  • Archery 
  • Nature walks 

Picnic activities in Nairobi
Photo: Courtesy

Waterfalls Inn is surrounded by rolling hills of lush green tea plantations. From this vantage point the panoramic views are breathtaking. 
Furthest away you can see Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, then a little closer the entire city of Nairobi from one end to the other, and to the right the Ngong Hills. Take it all in with, the cool crisp and fresh countryside air of Tigoni. 


Interesting activities at Waterfalls Inn Tigoni 

  • Picnic sites 
  • Camping  
  • Waterfall exploration 
  • Team biulding 

Activities for Adventure outside Nairobi

Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Reserve is a forest along the Kenyan coast. It is the largest and most intact coastal forest in East Africa, with a fantastic range of Kenya's bird species, butterfly species and at least 24 rare and endemic mammals. The forest has a network of driving tracks and walking trails. Many sections of the forest are accessible by saloon cars but for best access to all tracks, a 4WD is recommended. Driving is the easiest way to see transitions between the different forest types, but one learns more about the forest by walking. 

Trained guides are available to help one explore the forest. 

Interesting activities at Arabuko-Sokoke 


  •  A network of well-marked walking trails.  
  •  More than 30 kms of driving tracks traversing the different forest types. 
  • Beautiful seasonal pools hidden amongst the Miombo woodlands teeming with birds and amphibians. 
  • Two tree platforms for a birds-eye-view of the forest. 
  • Nyari viewpoint, an elevated area of the forest with a panoramic view of the forest canopy, looking out the coast beyond. 
  •  Mida Creek, a beautiful tidal inlet with six species of mangrove trees 

Adventures outside Nairobi for a weekend

 A montane forest ecosystem festooned by Spanish moss tucked in rich biodiversity amidst the burning desert. 
Marsabit Forest is a sundowner paradise to catch elephants, buffaloes, bushbucks, and water birds like southern garganey, Koot, drink by the elephant pool. The dreamy waters of lake paradise and lake paradise special campsite wilderness camping. 
A definite one stop for the whole family or friends

Interesting activities at Marsabit National Park 

  • Game viewing. 
  • Hiking. 
  • Holding Events-corporate and special events. 
  • Fishing. 
  • Nature walk 
  • Bird watching over 350 bird species 

Things To Bring With You On Your Adventures 

1.Bluetooth speaker 
Its always a great idea to catch up over some great tunes ,you definetley need one of these to break the silence as you drift away into the wilderness 

2.Collapsible bottles 
As well as being versatile ,the bottles are foldable which minimizes the space they take up ,choose great brands preferably ones that are eco friendly and made from food grade silicone 

3.Picnic Baskets 
Best way to create memories is when food is involved so why not treat the fam to a great outdoor picnic in the wild with a great picnic basket 

4.Board Games or Card Games 
Youll have a lot of time on your hands so gather around and pull out those games and lets play 

Lets have fun and explore the great outdoors together!