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Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold Plated jewelry is the best option for wearers who are jewelry obsessed but need to stay in a budget (pretty much everyone out there). It gives the impression of luxury while not causing you to break the bank every time you see a cute, trendy necklace or bracelet. Gold plated jewelry is made by using electricity or chemicals to deposit and bond a very thin layer of gold over another metal. Bet part, this jewelry is hypoallergenic, so you will not get any skin reactions to it. 
Angel Oak Leaf Jewellery Set KSh2,200.00 Shop Now
Cora Cactus Necklace KSh2,250.00 Shop Now
Cecy Olive Green Necklace KSh1,500.00 Shop Now
Kendra Ruby Drop Earrings KSh1,850.00 Shop Now
Blair Crusted Love Earrings KSh2,000.00 Shop Now
Darling Infinity Bracelet KSh1,500.00 Shop Now
Sue Tear Drop Necklace KSh2,500.00 Shop Now
Tessa Print Earrings KSh1,400.00 Shop Now
Millenial Glam Earrings KSh2,200.00 Shop Now
Georgina Oval Print Earrings KSh1,500.00 Shop Now
Esme Elegant Jewellery Set KSh1,800.00 Shop Now
Beau Rose Crystal Earrings KSh4,000.00 Shop Now
Chloe Royal Blue Necklace KSh1,350.00 Shop Now
Skye Olive Marble Earrings KSh1,650.00 Shop Now
Date Night Aqua Earrings KSh1,800.00 Shop Now



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